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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just a Day in the Life

After having a fever for two nights, I took Drew to the doctor on Monday and discovered he had an ear infection.  Bless his bones.  The only doc appt available was at 3, so I had to get the girls early from school in order to get to the doctor.  They were actually a lot of help with Drew.  Drew officially weighed 22 lbs and change.  :)  After surviving the doctor, we had 45 minutes to kill before our bi-weekly trip to the chiropractor (good timing for Drew and his ears!) so we rewarded ourselves with Braums' ice cream.  :)

Drew was most appreciative of Ava sharing her ice cream with him.  He was too busy giving her kisses to smile for a picture!  :)

Keith left Tuesday for Amarillo to go to a family funeral.  So it was me and three kids.  For the second day in a row, I took the girls out of school early but this time it was to take them for the 6 month teeth cleaning.  2 hrs is a long time for Drew to just hang out in a waiting room.  We all survived.  Both girls have to go back in a couple of weeks to have a couple of cavities taken care of.  I am hopeful that that experience will help in my efforts to win the teeth brushing wars we have every day!

After the dentist we came home for a snack, but then it was time to go to our first softball practices.  The girls are on different teams this year.  Since Drew fell asleep on the way there, we watched part of Carli's practice from the car and finished up Ava's homework.

Practices started at 5 and we did not leave the field until after 7:30.  At that point, I was tired and the girls were tired so we opted for dinner at Dairy Queen.  Turns out it was free cone night - yeah for us!  :)  Drew was thankfully in a great mood for not having eaten in over four hours!

After we ate we came home, and the girls had to have a shower.  Drew was really starting to worry when he was going to get his dinner at this point.  We persevered.  After feeding the animals (I may have gone postal on them at this point b/c they weren't very cooperative about this chore) the girls got showered, clothes ready for school the next day and climbed into bed.  Drew finally got to eat while the girls dozed off.  And with baby boy fed and in bed...I climbed into bed, set my alarm for the morning and went to sleep myself. 

I woke up at 7 - we have to leave for school at 7:45...turns out setting an alarm does not good if you don't save it the setting.  Oops.  Mad dash getting girls up, fed and ready.  And Drew picked this morning of all mornings to sleep in.  So I had to get him up and we were in the car at 7:50.  I think they may have beat the bell by a second..it was close.  After I dropped them off and breathed a sigh of relief...I remembered we had snacks for kindergarten at 2.  Oops...so off to the store Drew and I went and so begin just another day in the life...thankfully Keith comes home from Amarillo tonight!  :)
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