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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day at Ark-La-Tex Christian Encampment

We got to spend Labor Day at a Christian camp in Louisiana.  Most of our family went down on Friday night but we opted to go on Saturday morning b/c we were not sure how well Drew would sleep.  Turns out the boy loves camp.  On Saturday night, he slept 6 hours, nursed and then slept for another 3.5 hrs!  Good to know!

Anyway, we packed up on Saturday morning and it literally looked like we were packing for a whole week.  Drew's clothes by far took up the least amount of space but between his pack and play, nap nanny and travel swing, he took the cake for taking up the most space in the car!

The girls were really pumped to be getting to spend the night a real camp, bunk beds and all.  The camp was really neat.  Our family had our own cabin.  The cabins were air conditioned so that obviously helped us all sleep!  Keith, Drew and I claimed one end of the cabin and the girls the other end.  It worked out really well.  The rest of our extended family each had a cabin of their own.  It was pretty nice!

Drew was pretty happy with the set up!

The older kids LOVED camp.  They swam, played on the playground, played board games, played ball and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.


Drew ate up all the attention he got from all his Great-Aunts.  This was the first time meeting Aunt Betty and Aunt Trudie.  He got lots of extra loving that is for sure!

The adults got to simply relax and enjoy catching up.  There was a human Foosball match (we missed this game b/c they played on Saturday morning) and ping pong tournaments.

We thoroughly enjoyed Saturday night singing!  I was sitting behind everyone nursing when it dawned on me every single one of my Aunts and Uncles were  there except my Uncle Tommy.  So all three of my Mom's sisters and all three of my Dad's siblings were there, plus my two Great-Aunts.  How cool is that?  And they can all sing!  It was beautiful!

After singing, we got to have some homemade ice cream.  Ava was pretty stoked about the oreo ice cream Keith made.  Carli stuck with vanilla.  I even enjoyed some and thankfully Drew did not seem to mind too much!

Pa thoroughly enjoyed having all his grandkids together!  He loves to pick on them, but they can dish it back as quickly as he can dish it out! 

This is a rare picture of Pa's eyes wide open, his hazel eyes complement Carli's blue eyes perfectly.  :)

Pa with his oldest and youngest granddaughters. 

Sunday morning we had church service at camp.  One of the camp board members actually came out and did class and service for us.  It was great.  Drew was all smiles through most of the service.  It seems to be a running theme for him.  He likes Sunday services!

We even had a Sunday School class for the kids.  Aunt Carolyn did an awesome job with their lesson and when they ran out of time doing their craft, they insisted on coming back after service to finish it!  :)  When I asked Ava what class was about, she told me it was about God making noses!  Ha!  Apparently they talked about how different God makes us all - all the way down to our noses and the noses on animals.

For lunch we had a shrimp boil with baked potatoes (for those of us who aren't shrimp eaters).  Drew was a big help to Grammy in getting lunch going. :)

He and Aunt Carolyn had quite the conversation!

It's always fun to see Grammy together with all her sisters.  They were all a great help in the kitchen this weekend.  Our family is blessed with awesome cooks!

Grammy & Aunt Trudie 

 Apparently the humidity fogged up my camera lens so the picture of all four sisters was a little foggy.  :(

Aunt Trudie, Grammy, Aunt SuAnne and Aunt Sarah

All five of the King Grandkids
Carli (6), Logan (8), Ava (5), Eady (21 mths) and Drew (2 mths)

Sweet brother and sister. 

I've always called the older three kids the Three Amigos, so now with our younger two kids Pa has dubbed them the Dynamic Duo!  :)  Eady was so sweet to lay next to Drew so we could get their picture.

Pa with all his siblings.
Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Betty, Pa and Uncle Danny 

I love this picture of Aunt Chelle and Drew having a very in depth conversation! 

Grammy & Pa with all their Grandkids.  Such a fun group!  This is one of my favorite pictures! 

We had an AWESOME wkd and hope we get to do it all again next year.  We will for sure stay more than one night!  Drew was obviously not ready to leave since he screamed at us all the way home!  :)

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