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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Drew is 2 Months Old

Drew turned 2 months old on Sept 1.  We went in for his 2 month check up/shots the following day.  Boys are so different from little girls.  We thought Drew was BIG but turns out he's an average sized little baby boy!  He's suppose to be bigger than his sisters were at 2 months!

At 2 months, Drew weight 12 lbs 7 oz (49%) and was 23 inches long (45%).  His noggin was 15.75 inches which put him in the 74% there.  He's a pretty proportional little fellow! 

At 2 months old, Drew consistently sleeps 4-5 hrs for the first stretch at night and then after nursing will go 2-3 hrs before wanting to nurse again.  He is still sleeping in his nap nanny but loves to sleep on his belly during the day for his naps.  He is not really on a schedule as he does not nap consistently BUT he does eat about every 2-3 hrs.  He gets the hiccups all the time.  He likes to lay under his floor gym and stretch out and move his little arms and legs.  When he hears his sisters voices at the end of the school day, he smiles.  He is starting to coo and every once in a while he will have a little giggle.  He is finally starting to get little rolls on his arms and legs.  He has "little old man" hair!  He is perfect.

Drew is one happy baby when he's not struggling with his reflux.  We had him on Zantac which worked but caused horrible gas and constipation.  We tried another med that did not work and our insurance refused to do Nexim which we know would work!  So our pediatrician had us buy Prevacid in the 15mg capsules.  We cut open the capsule and give him half of it.  They are little beads, not a powder and the easiest thing to do is wet our finger and just put on his tongue.  Then we follow it with nursing or some grip water.  It has worked well thus far.  We also have started giving him some EM-X in the mornings.  Our hope is that after a couple of weeks we can just give him EM-X and not use meds at all.  Fingers crossed!

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