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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Carli's Great Wolf Lodge Adventure - Day 2

We all slept really good Sunday night!  Drew slept for 7 hrs!  He's a champ.  We woke up to come out in the living area and find the girls watching Disney waiting patiently for us lazy adults to get a move on!  We enjoyed some of Naggy's cinnamon rolls for breakfast and since it was only 7:30 am and the water park did not open until 9 am, we knocked out some of our school work.

I kept telling Carli that Monday was not her Happy Birthday, it was her Happy Due Date!  She kept us waiting another 10 days before making her grand entrance!  :)

Nine o'clock couldn't come soon enough for the girls!  We headed down as soon as we could and went on slide after slide after slide.  Drew took an awesome nap! Grammy has that special touch!

 The girls would have kept sliding, but that's an awful lot of stairs to climb and it was getting close to lunch time.  So we convinced them to take a break with a promise of more water fun after we had lunch.  We got cleaned up and headed out to the Rainforest Café where the girls found some Tigers and insisted on taking a picture since they were Troup Tigers.  :)

After a really good lunch, we walked the full circle of the Grapevine Mills Mall in search of the Disney store.  It turns out we went the wrong direction and made a full 3/4 of the way back around before we found it.  Needless to say we got our exercise in!  The girls had some gift cards that Amber had sent them for their birthday's and Christmas.  They had a lot of fun spending their "credit cards" and got some fun stuff!

After a short rest, we ventured out to get some ice cream.  Since Carli was the birthday girl, she got to get a free ice cream.  The rest of us used one of our $20 credits to indulge.  Then we were off to spend our Paw Pass credits at the Arcade.  Carli was reluctant at first b/c she would have preferred to have gotten to buy something or do a craft but she finally got into the whole game playing, and so did Keith!  I think Pa had just as much fun watching the girls play as they had playing!

 Carli really got into the playing and winning tickets!  Her facial expressions were cracking me up.  First she was disappointed that the ball didn't fall where she thought it should and then when she went to collect her tickets, the look on her face when the tickets just kept coming when she was pulling them.  So funny!

Ava was very intense and intent on collecting her tickets and folding them up nice and neat.  She worked very hard at getting them just so!

But when she hit the jackpot on one of the games and got 200 tickets at once, she let Keith and I fold them for her!  Ha!

In total the girls got about 950 tickets and each got some kind of ball.  They were happy and that's what matters!  We ended Monday at the waterpark.  Grammy & Pa watched Drew and Keith and I took the girls.  We went up the stairs to slide at least seven times...my calves were on fire!  Carli and Ava were all grins.  It was totally worth it!  After dinner in the room and showers, we all collapsed into bed.  It was a full day of fun!

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