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Monday, June 29, 2015

Diamond Diva's Take the Championship

This past weekend the girls played in a 6U Tball tournament in Arp.  Thankfully the doctor had no issues with me spending my weekend at the ballpark since it wasn't too terribly far away.  The Diamond Diva's played two games on Friday winning both and having a blast!

Saturday morning started out with rain so our games were pushed back but thankfully that allowed Naggy & Pappy to get here in time to get to watch the girls play.  The girls won their first game and stayed cool with the help of their new neck/head ties from Naggy & Pappy!

Both girls played really well.  Carli is starting to move a bit more and not restricting herself to her base which is great!  She really is enjoying herself!  Ava was okay this weekend playing catcher but needed a pep talk before every at bat about how important it was for her to do her best for her team.  And she did really well!

 Naggy & Pappy had not gotten to see the girls play.  They are here all week awaiting Drew's arrival and soaking up a lot of tball!  They got to see some pretty intense games on Saturday!

The Diamond Diva's played for the championship on Saturday afternoon.  We were a bit sluggish coming out and everyone was kind of thinking we'd have to play a second game.  The Overton team we were playing against had a good little defense and a first baseman that had some pretty amazing catches! 

Thankfully, with a lot of excitement and a couple of really good defensive plays, the Diamond Diva's pulled off a win and placed first place in their first ever tournament!

It's pretty funny to see how into the game Keith gets.  I have enough of my Momma in me that I'm encouraging girls, giving hugs and trying not to let me competitiveness show.  I did walk away a couple of times in order to keep my mouth in check and remind myself...they are only six years old! When the season started Keith was pretty reserved and kept his emotions in check.  Turns out a pretty intense wkd of tball brings out the competitive nature in even the mildest of personalities.  :) It was pretty entertaining to watch at times!   

Four the championship game, Grammy, Pa, Naggy and Pappy all were there to cheer on the girls.  Talk about some pretty special little girls to have both sets of grandparents there for you!

Our family - and Drew and I's last tball game until he makes his arrival.  :) 

This tournament was for practice for the district playoffs that started today.  I was glad that the girls had so much fun and enjoyed playing.  They were pretty pumped to have won and gotten new t-shirts for their efforts.  Tonight they are off to play their first league district playoff game in Fairfield, I'm pretty bummed the doc put his foot down and won't let me go!

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