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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

District Playoffs - Game 1 vs Fairfield

Monday night the whole family loaded up and went to Fairfield for the Diamond Diva's first playoff game.  Well, everyone but me and Grammy.  I was good and followed doctor orders not to go, but it I was not a happy camper.  Ms. Patty, Kayla, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Genell, Pa, Naggy & Pappy all went in my place...bless them all.  I asked for updates from everyone who would give them to me through the night.  It was quite the game!!

The first message I got was that Carli hit a double and hit in an RBI.  Woohoo!  Great start.  The inning ended with us scoring 4 runs.  The Fairfield team tied it up in the bottom of the 1st and it was 4 all.

The second inning didn't go so great.  Carli got another double BUT there was a base running mishap and the runner on third started home but went back to third and Carli was on second and got tagged out trying to get back to second and so did the runner behind her.  We ended the second with one run.  Fairfield put up 5 runs.  Diamond Divas were down 10 to 5.

The third inning started off with a bang when Paighton hit a 3 run homer.  Diamond Diva's scored 7 runs to end the inning.  They held Fairfield to 2 runs and it was 12-12 at the end of the 3rd.

The fourth inning was another awesome inning for the Diva's who went for another 7 runs!  If we could hold them off we would win.  Fairfield scored two runs and looked to be on a rally when they hit a line drive down the first base line to Carli.  She stopped it and stepped on the bag to record the third out of the inning.  Score at the end of the 4th was 19-14.  If we scored three runs it would be us up by 8 and the Fairfield team wouldn't be able to catch up and we would win!

At this point I asked if Ava had been put in to play.  She had not.  I was a little upset but Kayla sent me this picture and Ava was very content in the dugout cheering everyone on.  As long as Ava wasn't upset I would be okay.  Later Keith told me that Coach had a plan and executed it well getting all the girls but Ava in...for some reason she slipped through the cracks.  That guarantees her a start tonight.

Carli hit third in the top of the fifth and got another double and hit in an RBI.  From there she had some excellent base running and while the other team wasn't paying attention on the next play Carli ran in from third scoring the winning run!  Diamond Diva's won their first play off game 22-14!

The girls celebrated with dinner at Wendy's and a frosty for dessert!  :)

Tonight they play at 5:30 and will be playing a team from Buffalo.  Once again, I'm dying not getting to go.  Ava begged me to go and stand on the first base line for when she batted.  She is starting tonight and batting second.  Oh I pray she has fun and doesn't get too nervous.  I so wish I was there!  

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