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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

District Playoffs - Game 2 vs Buffalo

We spent our last day as a family of four going to the movies and eating out before the girls and crew headed back to Fairfield to play in their second playoff game against Buffalo.

We knew that Ava was going to get to start since she was overlooked the last game.  She was not very happy that I was not getting to go and be the 1st base coach or in the dugout to give her pep talks.  I tried my best to give her one before they headed out.  Then I sent all my wonderful friends and family texts begging them to take pictures and keep me updated on the game.  And they did!

I got pictures of the girls warming up...

The Diamond Diva's were home team so they were out on the field first.  The first text I got was that Carli had run down a girl at second and when she stepped off the bag, Carli tagged her out!  Plus our little third baseman threw two balls to first and Carli caught them getting the other two outs.  Buffalo scored 5 in the top of the first.

We started our first at bat off with Shiloh then Ava.  Ava got on first and this is the picture I got.  :)  Love her and her Daddy!

Carli got out at first but she hit the ball right where coach told her too and advanced the runners.  We ended the bottom of the first with seven runs.  7-5 Diamond Divas after one.

Second inning Buffalo only got three runs in and at our bat both my girls got on base and scored.  Inning ended with a homerun and another 7 runs.  14-8 Diamond Diva's after two.

Ava took a break after two full innings and was very pleased with herself.  The third inning Buffalo got two runs in but Diamond Divas came back with another 7 runs ending the inning at 21-10 Diamond Divas.

Buffalo couldn't score more than four runs to keep the ballgame going at the top of the fourth and the Diamond Diva's advance another day in the winner's bracket of the playoffs!  Thankfully they get tomorrow off, so we can all focus on baby Drew!

I worked while I was getting my text updates trying to get stuff done before the big day tomorrow!  Grammy came around seven and brought me food and company.  Bless her!  :) 

I am so very thankful for these wonderful ppl who cheer on my girls and keep their Momma happy with texted updates and pictures.  It takes a village and I am so very thankful for the village we have!

The girls with Pa, Naggy & Pappy

Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Johnny with the girls. 

 Mrs. Patty and Kayla have been at both games for the girls also but the picture I begged someone to take of them is currently on Naggy's phone...and it's past midnight.  As soon as she shares it with me, I will add to this post as well!  :)

Now, maybe three hours of sleep before we head to the hospital to meet our newest member of our family - Drew.  :) 

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