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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

State Tournament Game 3 vs Bosqueville

Our second game on Tuesday night was against Bosqueville.  This was their first game of night vs our second.  I actually missed most of the game b/c I had to go back to Fairfield to pump and it took longer than I expected.  Dad did a good job of sending me updates.  He said it was very obvious that our girls were tired.  They did not play as well as they did earlier that night. 

Ava did not play b/c she got a cut on her thumb and played the hurt card.  She preferred to cheer.  Stinker.

Carli did play the whole game and got on base each time she hit. 

We came up short after 4 innings and ended our season placing 11th in the whole state.

The tournament director did an awesome job talking to the girls and telling them what an accomplishment getting to the state tournament was.  And then he presented them with a trophy.

We honestly never expected to even make it out of league play much less get to the state tournament.  The girls learned a lot and got an amazing experience for their first time to play tball.  We were truly blessed to have been a part of this amazing little team.  Honestly though, the girls are tired and ready for a bit of a break and who can blame a 6 & 5 year old?!  :)  They are very excited to go to their end of the season tball party this Saturday!

Coach Smo brought cupcakes for all the girls and for Ava - that was the highlight of the night.  :)

Drew did an awesome job with Mom and Aunt Carolyn.  He actually took a bottle.  He slept the 2 hrs on the way home and then slept most of the night.  I am so excited to have a baby who actually takes a bottle!  Neither of the girls would take a bottle.  We got home a little after midnight - the girls slept til past 9:30.  All in all our first "family outing" was a success with lots of help from our family!  :)

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