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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

State Tournament Game 2 vs Belton Butterflies

Have  I mentioned how blessed I am with an amazing family?!  After the girls lost Monday night, I just knew I wanted to go see them play one more game but was not sure how to do that with Drew.  It was too hot to take him to the game, not to mention he was too young to be around that many ppl.  Mom and I thought about taking turns sitting in the car but Tuesday morning Dad called and announced they had figured it out!  They would meet us in Fairfield at Aunt Carolyn's.  Mom would keep Drew and I could go to the game! 

The ride to Fairfield was very peaceful, Drew slept the whole time.  I was able to nurse him before we left for the game and I also left Mom a bottle to give him just in case.  Then Uncle Johnny, Dad and I headed out.  Keith and the girls had left earlier to warm up.

We got to the game in the bottom of the first inning.  I didn't bother to sit down...I guess I have enough of my Dad in me I couldn't sit still!  I was so pumped to get to see the girls actually throw Carli the ball at first and she was catching it and getting outs!!

Carli even got on base every time and ran, really ran hard the whole time.  Man, she's come such a long ways!

Our Ava was actually quite content to be a cheerleader, but it turns out she's a pretty stinkin' good little catcher.  She got put in the game after the 2nd inning.  She does an amazing job as catcher.  She even got to hit and while she got out at first, she did knock in an RBI.

We really weren't expecting to win, but the girls surprised us all and played an amazing little game.  They came back in the bottom of the 5th to win.  It was a very good game and so much fun to watch!

Winning meant we had to play another game at 8:30 that same night.  So, I was off to the races to get back to Fairfield to nurse/pump and make it back in time for game #2! 

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