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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sick Girls, Growing Baby

We've been having decent nights with Drew.  He'll wake twice a night and then early in the morning but usually goes right back to sleep.  So I sleep in 2 hr increments but the baby doesn't scream at me so I call it good!  Last Monday night, Drew had a really good night.  Unfortunately after the 1 am feeding the girls started coming into our room complaining of hurting heads and sore throats.  I was pretty much up most of the night with the girls.  Ava ran a high fever and Carli moaned and groaned about her stomach. 

Drew was scheduled to go in for a weight check on Tuesday morning.  I called and begged for an apt for the girls as well, might as well check them all out.  Grammy was suppose to be going with Pa to Louisana for the day but quickly changed her plans to come to our rescue.  By the time we got to the Pedi's office both girls were running fevers, Carli's stomach cramps were back and Ava's throat hurt.  Doc said probably virus but put us on antibiotics just in case and ran a long culture strep test just in case.  Thankfully she gave us some Zofran for nausea too.

Drew had a great doctor visit.  After only one week, he gained 14 oz to surpass his birth weight at a whooping 9 lbs 3 oz.  Woohoo!  Those every two hour feedings paid off!

The girls started feeling better on Wednesday but stayed in their pj's most of the day.  They ran low grade fevers but started to eat a bit more and didn't complain of their stomachs or throats.  Keith got home at 5 and both girls got a burst of energy, fevers and all.  They ran into their room and came out dressed and demanding to go play some ball with Keith.  There are so many reasons why that makes me smile!!

By Thursday morning we were all back to our bouncing off the walls, full of sass selves!  The strep culture came back negative.  I am thankful that the virus ran it's coarse quickly and so far Keith, Drew and I have been spared!

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