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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Naggy & Pappy Come to Visit

Keith had to go to Florida for work a couple of weeks ago so Naggy came to spend the week with us.  The girls were so excited to get to play with Naggy all week long!  I still took them to school on Tuesday/Thursday so maybe Naggy got a little bit of a break - but then again, she had to take me shopping so I'm not sure if that was any kind of a break!  :)  But she did help me pick out stuff to finish the girls room decorating, just got to get it up now.

While Naggy was here, she and the girls spent their days in their PJ's, made cookies, ate cookie dough, played outside, brushed Naggy's hair (Carli's new favorite thing) and watching Strawberry Shortcake.  The girls had a blast and I think Naggy did too!

Naggy was amazed about how quickly Ava could snatch up a bit of cookie dough before she could stop her.  What can I say, she takes after her Momma!

After the cookies were made, it was time to frost them.  Carli was a good helper on this part.  Ava was a bit impatient and had to eat a cookie before it was iced just to make sure it tasted okay!

You know you have a good Naggy when she rides plasma cars with you on the back porch!  :)  The girls were thrilled!

Keith came home late Wednesday night and Pappy flew in on Thursday morning.  I spent a lot of time going to and from the airport that week!  :)  We picked Pappy up from the airport and then went and got the girls from school.  They were so excited to find Pappy waiting for them!  Pappy and Naggy got to go see the girls at gymnastics.  They performed really well for him.  All day Friday was Grandparent day at our house, I hid out in the office and worked.  :)  Ava finally took a nap for Naggy on Friday - she finally just couldn't hold out any longer.  The whole week Ava refused to nap for fear of missing out on the fun!

Naggy and Pappy did bed time the two nights they were here.  They got the hear the girls bed time prayers and read their Bible story and Princess story.  The girls loved it!

Thanks Naggy & Pappy for the awesome visit!  Can't wait to see ya'll again in May!

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