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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Pa!

Pa's birthday was on March 18th.  We knew that we would not get to see Pa on his birthday so we planned to take him to Little Mexico the Friday before so we could give him our gifts and celebrate!

The girls were super excited to make Pa a birthday card with glitter.  Carli wrote her msg all by herself (she copied what I wrote for her) and then she put the glue and glitter on.  This resulted in her msg being a bit difficult to read, but she read it for Pa just fine:  "I Love You Pa!" followed by a heart and her name.  She drew pictures of Pa with Logan, Ava and herself.  Ava just picked the colors of her glitter and added a few creative drawings with a marker, she was a little too busy twirling to take time to mess with all that letter writing!

The rest of us went in and got Pa a keypad lock for the lakehouse.  We have had one on our house as part of a product test that Keith signed up for at work.  Pa really liked it so we got one for him to use.  It will come in handy for those times when we end up at the lakehouse unplanned and with no key!

He taught me to smile through the pain and hugged me when there were no words to find comfort in. He lived his faith, he didn't just talk about it on Sunday. He talked me through some of the biggest decisions of my life. He celebrated and beamed with pride when I met my goals. He gave me the most tender hug and kiss on my wedding day when he gave me away, I will cherish that feeling for always. He loves me more than words can say, and he loves my kids even more. He treats my Mom like the Queen that she is and he loves my Grandma with the devotion and care you can't describe. He has worked hard all his life, and he has done it to provide for his family, not to find wealth. He is my Dad. He is awesome. And I am one blessed girl. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

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