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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weston Turned One!

My cousin Dionna's little boy, Weston, turned one in February.  They had his party a week after his birthday and it worked out perfectly so that we could all go!  It was the second weekend in a row that we carpooled with Grammy and Pa on a trip!  We headed down to Conroe Saturday morning.  We timed it just right to meet Aunt Carolyn and Grandma at Chick-fil-a for lunch before heading over to the festivities. 

Weston's party was my kind of affair.  Very laid back, surrounded by family and cute kids.  :)  Doesn't get much better than that!  Ava really enjoyed the bubbles.  Dionna had gotten a lot of little bubbles and I am pretty sure Ava went through half of them.  It helps that when she has a bottle in her right hand and her elbow itches, that she throws her arm over her shoulder to scratch it...and the full bottle of bubbles ends up on the ground.  :)

 Ava caught a big bubble!

Ava showing Weston how to blow!

Weston is getting to bond with Grandma the way that my girls were blessed to bond with Grandma and Pawpaw.  He looks for her in a group.  He LOVES to walk with her on her walker.  They are pretty cute together!

It took a little convincing but Carli and Ava finally decided that they would give their Kangaroo Climber to Weston for his birthday.  I am pretty sure it was designed for kids 3 & Under.  Since both the girls climb over the little door to play in it and prefer to climb up the slide instead of go down it, it was obvious they had outgrown it!  They were pretty cute showing Weston how to slide. 

Weston did a pretty good job blowing out his one candle.  Although he would have preferred to have touched the fire on the candle than blow it out!  He worked very methodically at eating his cake and gradually got himself nicely covered with icing!


Weston's grandparents and parents got him a nice wagon for his birthday.  All the cousins enjoyed taking a ride in it and then taking turns pulling each other.

We had a lot of fun celebrating such a sweet little boy!  Happy Birthday Weston!  We Love You!

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