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Friday, March 15, 2013

Only Child Syndrome...

Last Thursday, Carli and I met up with Pa in Jacksonville so she could go spend the night in Alto.  She and Pa had a very important date on Friday to go see Logan at his new school in Leon.  His class was putting on a little rodeo and he specifically asked for Pa, Grammy, Uncle Tone, Carli and Ava to come.  Since it was on a Friday at 8:30 in the morning 1.5 hours away not everyone could make it.  But Pa and Carli put their heads together and decided that the two of them should be able to make the trip to see their favorite little boy.  Carli was so very excited to not only spend the night with Grammy & Pa but to get to go on a trip all by herself with Pa.  Giddy doesn't even begin to describe her!


From all accounts, Pa and Carli had a great trip!  They called the house at 6:15 Friday morning so Carli could let us know that Pa's donut shop did have sprinkle donuts!  And much to Pa's surprise, Carli ate all of her sprinkle donut AND a glazed donut.  They made it to Logan's rodeo just fine and enjoyed watching.  After the little rodeo, they stopped off in Fairfield to see Grandma and Aunt Carolyn before coming home again. 

Ava was not very happy with us when she learned she was not getting to go with Carli and Pa.  She was refusing to give Carli good bye hugs thinking this would keep her from leaving!  It dawned on us that Ava has never slept alone in a room - she and Carli have always shared a room.  So, when I told Ava she could have a sleep over in Momma and Daddy's room, she decided it was okay for Carli to leave!  When I got back from dropping off Carli, Ava was sound asleep on her blow up mattress in our bedroom floor.

Ava makes a really good only child.  Not that she doesn't smile all the time when Carli is around, her smile just seems to get bigger as an only child.  She giggled and laughed a lot.  She ate up getting 100% of the attention!  Friday morning, I promised her donuts since I knew Carli was getting them too.  So Ava picked out her own clothes (and they matched!) and I told her good job!  She threw up two thumbs up and said "Good Job!"  I had to ask her who taught her that and she promptly replied, "Ms. Robin!"  Turns out Ms. Robin is a HUGE Aggie fan, so the two thumbs up really means "Gig'em!"  Ms. Robin would be proud!  All day long Ava would throw up her thumbs at anyone who asked...

Ava got to spend the morning with Kayla at Grammy's until Pa and Carli got back about lunch time.  She was so happy to see her big sister, but I am pretty sure she would trade her 12 hrs as an only child for anything!

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