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Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Ready Folks -

We are off to surprise Pappy for Father's Day! And Carli is ready for the journey!!

Actually, we flew - not that it took any less time. But something about driving for 10 hrs with a baby was not appealing to us. Without Logan with us to keep Carli company, driving really was not looking good. So after conspiring with Naggy to surprise Pappy, we all decided that flying was the best option.

We took off from Tyler at 9:50 am and flew through Houston with a 3 hr layover before heading to Amarillo. Carli actually did amazing on the flight. She thought the windows were pretty cool.

Then after she got over the window fascination, it was time to throw back with some juice and relax! She actually drank 20 oz of juice between Tyler and Amarillo! The girl loves her sippy cup! I did take some breast milk to drink for her in another sippy cup - thinking we need to start trying to do a little more variety. But she didn't seem interested in it - turns out I had a stopper in it so it wouldn't spill in all the traveling - I only discovered that was why she was getting mad at the cup after I opened it up and went to wash it out. Blast! All my efforts to make sure it wasn't wasted, and I was the one that wasted it! Oh well...

We got to Amarillo right on time and we were off to surprise Pappy! It was pretty awesome. He was a little confused to say the least and most definitely surprised! He proudly showed Carli off to everyone in the office and Keith and I occasionally got introduced as well. ha!

While we were there, Carli decided to show Pappy how to repair some keyboards.

Pappy was a little surprised and delighted to say the least of his father's day gift! I think Naggy was pretty happy too!

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ginny said...

how fun! i LOVE that 1st pic!!