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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom #3

I remember my 8th grade year. Back then the Jr. High kids were mixed in with the High School kids. We all roamed the same two halls at Alto High School. That year, lots of things happened that makes the year memorable. Two of the most memorable involved two ladies who mean very much to me.

The first, Ms. Verlene, was better known as Mom #2 to me. She was an awesome lady. She worked with my Mom over at the elementary school and she was always there for me when I could not find my Mom. During my 8th grade year, Ms. Verlene's oldest son passed away from cancer. It is a day I won't ever forget. I'll have to share more on Ms. Verlene in another post.

Ms. Bowen, was the second lady that made a huge impression on me that year. She came to be known as Mom #3. She taught home ec in the high school, but that year she also taught 8th Grade reading...only in a small school, right? :) I'm not sure I can recall any special thing that happened that year, but I do remember that that was the year I met her and that was the year she became an everlasting part of my life.

I made it through high school, often times stopping by to visit Ms. Bowen, who soon became known as Mrs. Pearman when she got married. I still forget to call her Mrs Pearman sometimes - no offense meant - it's just that etched in my memory are those long days past of calling her Ms. Bowen. I guess some habits die hard.

I refused to go to high school prom my Junior Year - but my Senior Year at the insistence of a number of ppl I was off to attend the thing. Mrs. Pearman made my prom dress. It was beautiful. Prom was not really my cup of tea, but something I'm glad that I did. It was a day I will tell Carli about and Mrs. Pearman was there.

The summer before I left for college, I went out to lunch with Mrs. Pearman one last time - and she took me shopping. I still have that blue cubby thing on wheels she bought me that day. Still being used! That was an awesome day, and Mrs. Pearman was there.

The day I got married, Ms. Bowen was there. She came out the night before to do all the adjustments on the bridesmaid dresses. For that matter she made more than one for us, without having ever met the girls until that night. She made sure my dress was perfectly steamed. She came to the rescue when the flower girl spilt Dr. Pepper on her dress. She helped my Mom - she helped my maid of honor - she helped me. She was the person at the wedding that nobody really saw, but everyone behind the scenes knew she was there and she was what was keeping us all calm. That was a beautiful day, and Mrs. Pearman was there.

Time sure seemed to fly by looking back. It is strange what the mind remembers. I have a very clear memory of being embraced in a long hug from my Mom #3 the day of Ms. Verlene's funeral. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of that day, but comfort to know she knew what I was feeling and didn't have to say anything to me - but give me a hug. That was a hard, hard day and Mrs. Pearman was there.

I moved back to East Texas about two years ago. I come from a small town. Everyone knows everyone. When Keith and I were expecting Carli, I doubted that anyone would come to a baby shower for me though. Maybe it was pregnancy paranoia, I dunno. But Mrs. Pearman took charge - she organized the shower, and it was wonderful. She gave us a wonderful basket full of handmade blankets and burp rags. It was amazing - it was a humbling day to be reminded that all those ppl still do care about me - and Mrs. Pearman helped me remember that.

Fast forward nine months. Life goes by fast, and Carli has certainly grown a lot! It is strange how life works. Mrs. Pearman lives a mere 10 minutes from my parents house. I work at my parents house twice a week. A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Pearman came over and met Carli for the first time. Carli wore her Texas Tech outfit for the occasion (Mrs. Pearman is an alumnus of Tech). I was very proud to share Carli with Mrs. Pearman. To let her met a very special lady who has done so much for me. It was a special day.

Ms. Bowen, Mrs. Pearman, Ms. Jamie and Mom #3 - whatever name I happen to call you - you've always gone out of your way to be there for me. So I just wanted to say - Thanks. Thank you for everything.

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