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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some of our Favorite Things

Carli had an awesome wkd last wkd. It was full of traveling, ppl she loves and of coarse lots of playing...

We started off Saturday morning bright and early and headed to see Uncle Kevin. Uncle Kevin has a pool and Carli is loving to "swim" these days, so off we went!

Carli is Kevin's favorite niece!
(Helps that she is the only one too!)
After the hard work of swimming and rinsing off - it was off to a favorite of her Mom's - Rosa's!! Couldn't pass up an opportunity like that! Good food and good company. Carli showed Uncle Kevin her new skill of feeding herself and making a huge mess in the process!

Carli with Uncle Kevin and Megan
Carli has a new fascination with glasses and hats.
Our visit with Uncle Kevin was short but good. We headed next to Aledo to see Grammy's side of the family. It was time for the annual Smith Family get together. The best part about these get together's is the singing. That side of our family can flat sing! I didn't quite inherit that gene, but the others were quite enjoyable to listen too.

Carli thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of cheesin' at everyone and playing with her cousin Logan. The always seem to pick up right were they left off.

Kissing Cousins
Carli tickling Logan with Grammy's help
Aren't they cute?
After the festivities in Aledo - it was off to Dallas to stay the night with Uncle Danny. We went to church with Uncle Danny Sunday morning. Carli even went to Sunday School Class all by herself. But I got paged half way through class, they apparently tried to change her diaper and that is Carli's new least favorite thing. She got herself so worked up over it, no one could calm her down. So I sat in there the rest of class and she did just fine.

That afternoon, Grammy and I went with my good friend Amber to IKEA. We had a good chance to catch up with Amber and do a little shopping too. Carli stayed with all the men folk and attempted to show off some walking skills. Apparently she took a few steps. She has tried a couple of times for me as well. She gets a little anxious after two steps and lunges forward most times...so I'm not qualifying these as the first steps...not yet anyway!

We headed home Sunday afternoon - we got home to a houseful of puppies and one pretty awesome dog sitter. Our friend Ashley has been a lifesaver for us this summer. She comes and stays with our dogs in all our travels. This time, WT had a bit of an issue, and Ashley was amazing. She took care of him in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday and that afternoon managed to get him in to see the vet. Then she stayed at our house with him until we got home that evening! Really she went above and beyond what we could have asked of her and we are very thankful and indebted to her! So Ashley if you read this...thanks again - you are awesome!

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Rachael said...

I can't believe you came through Dallas and didn't tell me!!!! I want to see you and Carli : ) You HAVE to tell me next time!

Resa said...

Sorry! So many ppl, so little time! We went straight to IKEA and then headed home! How's the pregnancy going?

ginny said...

you have no freakin' idea how significant that pic is of kevin in a SWIMMING POOL!!!