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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I took one - I admit it. Last week, I don't think I even took pictures. Sorry, girls. Your Momma just had one of those weeks and picture taking and blogging were not high on the priority list...keeping my sanity was! Perhaps it was the six week milestone. We did make it and we have survived thus far. Two kids, under the age of two. I lay in bed at night often and wander if God is trusting me too much - perhaps this time he gave me a little too much to handle. But then there are times that I know He didn't. It is fun to watch Carli give Ava kisses - and when Ava flashes that big gummy grin - it just melts my heart. The 2 am feedings, the not going back to sleep until 5:30 and Carli getting at up at 6...disappear in those moments and all is well. I keep telling myself to make it to the three month milestone...but then I admonish myself for not enjoying the here and now. I won't lie...this is hard...I knew it would be but it is harder on my sanity than I thought it would be! I understand the stories my Mom tells about taking her "me" time in the bathroom - and having little fingers reaching under the door calling for her...and that was as good as "me" time got...I get it now. Who knew the bathroom would be such a sanctuary? Ha! Who knew that I'd hit up Happy Hour at Sonic, every single day last week - and even got something besides Dr Pepper?! Thank goodness both girls don't mind a car ride every now and then b/c that is my little "sanctuary" at times...

A new week begins...I got more sleep this week than I have for the last 5 months I bet (Ava kept me awake even before she made her grand entrance), thanks to Terry and Tessie being here. Bless their hearts for taking Ava at 4 am this morning and not coming to get me until well after 7. Here comes a new week, with a new start and a new attitude...here's praying it makes it the wkd!

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Beccalynn81 said...

Girl, I hear you and if you ever want to talk or vent, please email or call me! I've so been there!! Mine are 16 months apart and we survived. Now they are like little best friends and it is nice...just got to make it through that tough first year. You can do it! I'm a Sonic-a-holic too! Just getting out of the house for a couple of minutes sometimes can really help!