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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day started early for our family this year. Since we had Ava's birthday party a week early, our efforts and attention was focused elsewhere. But on Thursday night, Keith gave me my mother's day gift. It was a pretty awesome small Kodak camcorder - water proof at that! It is as small as my phone! I actually was a little confused as to why he got me a new phone! But the thinking behind it is that we hardly ever get Carli doing anything cute any more b/c as soon as she sees the camera come out, she bee lines it to look too! So this thing is pretty cool - we actually recorded her doing her fairy dance the other night and she had no clue! ha!

I did get my cards on Mother's day and they were really sweet. Ava even gave me one that was addressed to Ma-Ma-Ma-Mom...ha!

After church we met Grammy, Pa and Uncle Tone out at the lake. It was really nice out. We didn't stay long, but had lunch and got to visit. On the way home, Keith started feeling bad and Carli already felt hot. So the rest of the afternoon, both he and Carli were in bed. Ava and I played outside and generally kept ourselves busy. A Momma's work is never done, huh, even on Mother's day. Thank goodness they all woke up on Monday morning with no fevers and back to their feisty selves!

Mother's day for Grammy came early too! Our car was in the shop to get the A/C fixed so we conspired with Pa to get Grammy's excursion all fixed up. We first had to borrow it a couple of weeks ago when our car was being diagnosed. So, in the two days we had it, we had an iPod integration put in it. It took her a day or two to notice it. My favorite was that she didn't notice the big black cord coming out of her dash - but the little bitty red button under the steering wheel! ha!

Then last week while our car was actually getting fixed we had it timed to get Grammy's car in the shop up here in Tyler to have her front seats re-upholstered. After almost 200,000 miles and 9 years, the leather seats had seen better days! Grammy loves her car, so Pa decided to get it fixed up for her! After the new seats were in, we had it detailed too!

It was pretty awesome to surprise her!

She was super excited about the new seats!

The day we brought the car back just happened to be the day I needed to stop and order Grammy's corsage for Mother's day. Carli didn't understand that we were ordering flowers for later and got really upset that we started to leave without getting Grammy the flower we had come into the store for! So, we had to add a rose to the ticket so we could bring Grammy a rose. There weren't many petals left on the rose by the time Grammy actually got it - but it was the thought that counted!

We didn't get to see Naggy ON Mother's day, but we did get to spend the Friday and Saturday before with her. The girls ate up all the attention Naggy gave them and in turn they gave Naggy an awesome Mother's day card...

This year for Mother's day, I found the recordable cards and got three. One for Grammy, Naggy and Grandma. We even succeeded in getting Carli to say "I Love You" in each card. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Grandma opened hers though. Grandma was in Conroe with Aunt Betty so we mailed hers. Carli had said, "I Love You Grandma! Let's go give this to Grandma now!" When we talked to Grandma later, she went on and on about her card...I think she got my old fashioned card too! ha!

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