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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Opening Day 2016

Today was opening day of our second softball season at Troup.  Despite the crazy all night rain storm, opening ceremony and games were still a go just a little delayed.  It turned out to be a very nice day!

Drew was not too impressed with all the hoopla of opening ceremonies.  All the ppl kept him pretty entertained but he finally gave up to a nap about half way through!

This year the girls are on different teams.  We played Ava up last year and did not think it would be fair to do so to her again since Carli moved up to a Coach Pitch 8U team.  Actually most of the girls from last year moved up, so Carli's team is still the Diamond Divas.

Ava is still playing Tball.  They are a great group of little girls.  Ava and Kiyah are the only two who played in this age division last year.  Their team is called the Little Thunder.  There is an older group of girls called the Troup Thunder.  The older group of girls help the little ones out with practices.  It's a pretty nice deal!  :)

Last year Carli was number 11 and Ava was number 4.  This year they are both number 25.  I'm not sure what the significance of that number is but I'm glad neither pitched a fit about having to "share" the same number!

In between opening ceremonies and our first game, we tried to go into Tyler to grab some sun screen and get Carli some different pants or at least a belt.  The legs on her pants are crazy tight but the waist is way to big.  She was not very comfortable.  But it turns out 110 between Whitehouse and Troup was flooded!  We ended up in Jacksonville and were able to get some new, more comfy pants and grab lunch before Carli's game started at 1:30.

Carli's team played the other Troup team in their age division.  This was the first game ever for our entire team in this age bracket.  The fact that the other team had at least 4 or 5 girls who had played this division last year kind of gave them a bit of an edge.  That was okay.  Carli did a very good job at short stop.  She stopped everything that came to her and paid attention the entire game.  She only got one at bat, but she put the bat on the ball!  They threw her out at first.  But I was pleased that she did not strike out and her nerves did not get the best of her!  Just like with last year, with time comes confidence!

Ava's little team is the only girls 6U team in Troup.  They ended up playing a 6U boys team.  They did really well.  Ava was a bit upset to not have gotten to play 1st, 3rd or Shortstop.  Unfortunately at this age, having the ability to field and throw the ball isn't as "popular" as being able to chase down a runner.  :(  She played 2nd and not one ball came her way.  She had never practiced 2nd so I think we will work a bit on that at home and she'll be fine.  She did a great job hitting!  Her team beat the boys 15 to 8.

This is Ava and her friend Bella and Ava at 2nd base.

It was a really long day.  Drew was so done with the ball field halfway through Carli's game.  It made Ava's game really long to have a fussy baby!  He finally gave into a nap.  Thankfully we won't have any back to back games like that any time soon.  Here's to another fun season of softball!  :)

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