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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Great Summer Challenge - The First 100 Coins

Our first week of the Summer Challenge was a great success and I was so encouraged!  I may have been a little lenient on the coin giving/taking away but hey, it was the first week!  The girls earned 36 and 34 coins by doing their daily chores, reading books, completing typing lessons, doing craft projects, writing in their journals, riding bikes and helping make dinner.  Each coin is worth a quarter, so Keith and I were out $17...my fridge and microwave got cleaned, towels ad sheets got washed, girls learned to make taco soup and they read EVERY SINGLE day!  We made two drips to the library in one week!  Plus, the girls put aside 1/4 of their money to take to church, 1/4 in their savings jar and 1/2 in spending.  Managed to squeeze in a bit of math too! 

Weeks two and three went pretty much just as well.  The girls managed to earn their first 100 coins in three weeks.  Granted we started giving them a coin for good attitudes and hustle at ball games and practices but it was a good motivator!  Additionally we learned that Ava's favorite chore is to clean the toilets...not kidding.  That sentiment may change as Drew gets older but for now, I let her do it every week!  :)  Carli might as well be a teenager b/c every single chore is so hard and so boring and really a waste of her time!  :)  She eventually gets it done though.  We finally made it to the library for their summer reading program and both girls walked away with three prizes for having read over 15 books each already. 

The girls first 100 coin reward was to go to iJump.  They each brought a friend along.  We had Chick-fil-a for lunch, the had a blast at iJump, survived Lowe's with 5 kids and may have bribed them with candy and ice cream for good measure!  :)

All in all, I would say our little summer challenge is going well.  The TV is off most of the day.  The girls read and spend some time studying the Bible each day.  They do a chore, they take their vitamins and some days they will even make their bed!  I think they will struggle a little more getting their next 100 coins b/c they don't have the added benefit of those extra coins from ball playing, but they'll just have to do a few extra fun things on the coin earning list and they won't have any issues.

And yes, I took all 5 kids to Lowes, by myself and survived...that alone should have earned me more than one coin!  :) 

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