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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Carli's Birthday Celebrations

Carli really wanted to wear a birthday shirt to school and I really didn't want to spend $50 on one.  So we compromised and got the stuff for her to make her own birthday shirt.  She had a lot of fun picking a design and using a ton of glitter!  Ava joined in on the fun as well.  For our first time making our own shirts, they turned out pretty good!

I don't do parties very well, so we kind of go all out for the snacks at school.  Carli asked for bundt cakes and ice cream.  They were a big hit and she really enjoyed sharing her favorites with all her classmates. We made use of our softball wagon to get all the goods in and out of the school, including Drew!

After school we headed to softball practice, where Carli's teammates put her up on the ball bucket and sang their little hearts out to her!  :)  Then it was off to Little Mexico where Grammy, Pa, Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Logan and Eady all joined us at Carli's request for a birthday dinner.  She didn't want the staff to sing to her but she was a good sport and wore the hat for a picture for us!

Saturday morning, Carli opened her gifts from us - Keith finished Rebecca's loft bed for Carli and Ava gave Carli a new pink collar...which is for the new mastiff puppy we are suppose to get to pick up this week.  The puppy is half for the kids and half for Sadie.  Sadie has been super lonely since the girls went back to school.  

After presents, we picked up Branson and were off for a morning of bowling and then lunch at Taco Bueno!

Ava was a lot of fun to watch bowl.  She's a great granny bowler but the funniest part is that she rolls the ball and walks away without even knowing what she knocks down!

Branson and Carli did their best to bowl the "right" way and wore themselves out in the process.  Drew enjoyed sitting on the step and helping Ava bowl every now and then!

After a couple games of bowling it was off to Taco Bueno for a bit of lunch before we went home to finish off some cake and get ready for Ava's softball game.

What a fun couple days we had celebrating our girl.  We sure are blessed with her smart, witty and a bit strong headed beauty!

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