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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sitting in the Airport

Sorry for the delay in posting lately - lots has gone on and not much time to report about it.

Keith is feeling better. He actually found a really good chiropractor who also does acupunture - interesting, but it works! I actually am going to try this out tomorrow. We'll see if he can help with my aches and pains of this changing body.

This weekend we went to Tucson for a meeting with our EM America Resellers. The actual meeting went well. Getting to Tucson was not so much fun! We were suppose to leave out Tyler on Wednesday night. None of us like flying on those little jumper flights, but it sure is convenient. We didn't have such a positive experience with American last time, so this time we were suppose to take Continental. We got to the airport with time to spare on Wednesday only to be told that our flight was delayed and b/c of this delay we would now miss our connecting flight in Houston. Okay - no big deal right? We'll just be put on the next flight out. Not so easy - b/c even though it is Contenental's fault that we would not make this connecting flight - they could not get us to Tucson before 5 or 10 pm the following day. Not a lot a good news for us - since we had meetings starting at 9 am the next day!

To say the least it was a bit frustrating! Contenental would not even book us on another airline - nothing. Finally, the lady gave us a number to call - we got our money back. But still we had no way of getting to Tucson! I called Southwest. We love Southwest. The ppl were very helpful - they helped to find us a flight and even though Tucson was all booked up, they got us to Phoenix. It even cost the same as the flight we had just cancelled. The bad news was that we had to drive to Houston and leave at 6 am on Thursday morning. So that's what we did...drove to Houston, got a hotel at 2:45 am - slept for 2 hrs and left for the airport. Got to Phoenix, rented a car and drove for 2 hrs and managed to get to our meeting only 30 minutes late. Shew.

It was a long weekend and now we are heading home. We should get to Houston at 6 pm tonite, and then have 3 hrs to drive home. At least the flight isn't stressful as there are no connections. How's that for finding a positive in a hectic, tiring situation! :)

All in all the wkd wasn't too bad and we had good meetings and a good turn out. Plus - the baby got to go to its first baseball game and the Rangers won!

Our flight is boarding! More about our weekend later.

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Caleb & Audria said...

Wow! What a weekend!!!

Ledbetter Fam said...

Yuck! What a mess!!! So glad that it all turned out well for you.

Juli Beth

Larissa Smith said...

I went to a chiropractor my entire pregnancy. I really think it helped, because it was smooth sailing for me.

We love Southwest, too. Everyone else are jerks.