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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To the Doctor Do We Go!

We just spent the last two days at the doctor - and it wasn't for me! I'm not sure whether to be happy about that or not. Keith has had a horrible headached since Sunday night. First we blamed it on the huge knot on the back of his neck and when it woke him up on Monday night and he couldn't sleep - he finally decided he would go to the doctor. So yesterday he went to the chiropractor. His neck was so tight, the chiropractor couldn't really do much for him, but gave him some pointers and sent him home. After that morning appointment, I left him at home with the puppy dogs to care for him and instructions to drink lots and lots of water and I headed out to Alto to work. He felt fine last night.

But then, last night at about 2 am he woke up again with a headache and difficulty breathing. I don't think he went back to sleep. At 7 he woke me up and had decided he wanted to go to the clinic - so that's what we did. Turns out the poor guy has a "wanna-be" flu virus. Which isn't as bad as the real flu virus b/c it doesn't last near as long but just as miserable to deal with. He doesn't have all the head congestion - yet; and, he may not. But his difficulty in breathing is from the virus infecting his respiratory system.

With my chief grocery shopper sick (I've only been to the store once since I found out I was pregnant), and no apple juice in the house - we both agreed we would suck it up on the way home and stop and get some of the essentials. So with me holding my breath as we passed the fresh seafood section and other really weird smells and Keith barely walking behind the cart - we found the all important apple juice, grabbed some fruit and veggies and some chicken noodle soup. Once home, I drugged him with some Tylonel PM (so he would sleep) and miraculously heated up the soup without any adverse reactions. He ate his soup and is sound asleep in the guest room, his choice, not mine.

So, when you have a chance, send up a quick prayer for Keith. I think this is the first time he has been really sick since I've known him! I, on the other hand, am learning to breathe through my mouth and do things like cleaning the kitchen - Keith had been doing this for me, but hasn't since Monday for obvious reasons. I can't put it off any longer!

On a brighter note, we did buy Shea a new hacky sack. For those who don't know, Shea is our little momma-to-be dog, yes Keith has two pregnant women in his house. And in her last pregnancy she faithfully carried around a suede hacky sack, gave it baths and loved the stuffing out of it - literally. After she had her puppies, she lost all interest in her replacement hacky and we lost track of it. Since we are pretty sure she is pregnant again, we decided to get her another hacky - two in fact, a blue and pink one (Keith is calling them Chunky - after her boy puppy Chunky Butt - and Juicy - see picture).

Shea with her beloved "Juicy"

Thanks to everyone who has voted and left comments! It's good to know who has been checking in on us! Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying this beautiful weather!

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Ledbetter Fam said...

Congratulations you guys!!! I just read your blog after Michael mentioned it on his! We are so happy for you. Can't wait to see the progress of your pregnancy.

Juli Beth

Caleb & Audria said...

Doesn't sound like fun! Get well soon Keith!

Cindy Oden said...

Sorry to hear that Keith is sick. Hope you don't catch it too. We have a sick one in our house this weekend too...don't know if it's something she ate or if it a virus, but Jeff and I spent the better part of the night cleaning up after Michaela. NO FUN. Praying for you and missing you lots,

Theresa Marie said...

Very cute! Poor husband having to deal with TWO pregnant ladies in the house! :)