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Monday, June 30, 2008

Carli Lynn

What's in a name? Lots of times, parents name their child after a loved one or a best friend or someone who has made an important impact on their lives. Or sometimes, a name is simply a favorite name, it is pretty or better yet, it just "fits." For Carli Lynn, her name will always mean something to Keith and I. We know she will be enveloped with love from family and friends. That she will always have the support of many loved ones through out her life - to me, as a first time Mom - I wanted my daughter to have a strong name. A name that meant something to her, so that if ever she did doubt the love, support and family that surround her, she simply could look at her name on a piece of paper and know that though her parents may not be perfect, we will always love her, support her and do our best to give her what she needs - that our actions will always be with the best intentions, and these best intentions began before she breathed her first breathe and made her way into this world. Our first act as her parents was to give her her name - and to us, it means more than just a title this little girl will go by for years to come.


Carli originates from Carlis. Carlis is the name of my grandpa, my father and my oldest brother's middle name. When I see Carli written down, or hear someone say it out loud, I am immediately reminded of strength, character, honor, family, God and love. I pray with all my heart that Carli will know her Pa and Uncle Andy to the degree that Keith and I know them. They are strong men, with kind hearts, who love their families unconditionally. They always put God first, then family. My dad has successfully instilled this belief in all his children, and his faith is not something that I just hear about - no, his faith is something that I see, that I admire and that I hope one day, Carli sees in Keith and I. Carlis Dwayne King is a strong, honorable, God-fearing man - whose heart melts any time we talk about the upcoming birth of his first grand-daughter. Carli already has him wrapped around that tiny little pinkie - and they haven't even met yet. It is a great honor and privilege that we named our first child after her Pa - and that he know how important a role he plays in her life.

My Pawpaw, is a strong man. He is quiet, he works hard and is blessed with a wonderful family. I am sad to know that my Carli will never know Pawpaw the way that I know him. While age has changed my Pawpaw, and taken away his memory - I will not forget the heritage and strength he has. He is strong, he is stubborn, he is gentle, he is love. No, maybe he is not perfect, but I admire his imperfections because that is what made him human. Carli may not ever be blessed to see this in my Pawpaw - but she will know him as I do, because I will share with her stories of her namesake. Keith and I chose to use Carli as our firstborns name - because we pray that she will see the strength that her name carries and the heritage she will carry on.


Lynn may seem like such a common name, but it isn't. No, Keith and I chose to use Lynn as Carli's middle name because it too is a name that puts a smile on our faces. We chose Lynn, because it is Keith's father's middle name. Terry Lynn Hays is a kind hearted, quiet soul. He is a leader in the church, he is respected and loved by all that meet him. He has always made me feel like a part of their family from the first time I met him. Terry has the amazing ability to put people at ease. He is an amazing man of God, who loves his family with all his heart. He is unselfish, and kind. Carli Lynn will always know that her middle name is not common - no it is unique. It carrys the heritage of her Pappy who loves her unconditionally and would do anything for her. Our prayer for Carli Lynn is that she know, her middle name is more than a simple title - it comes with honor, love, faith and peace. It is important for her Pappy to know that Keith & I are very honored to name his first grandchild after him.

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mindy said...

Thanks for sharing the meaning of your sweet daughter's name! What an honor for the men in your families!!

Amanda said...

That was such a sweet tribute to your parents. Your daughter truly will have a special name.

Ledbetter Fam said...

That is so sweet!!! What an AWESOME honor for both of your Dad's. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Juli Beth