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Friday, November 7, 2008

Carli's One Month Celebration

Carli spent her one month old celebration meeting one of her Daddy's best buds - Michael. Michael and Keith have known each other since the 4th grade - crazy! Michael was the one that encouraged Keith to ask me out - he took our first "couple" picture for us and even followed us to Arlington! :) They are about as close as two buds can get - and I think that is pretty awesome. I had the great privilege of keeping Michael's son, Ryan, for about 5 months when he was a baby. He was about 9 months old when Keith and I moved to Whitehouse - crazy how much the kid has grown, he will be 3 in March! He was barely crawling when we left and now he runs all over the place! ha! Michael and Ryan drove down last Saturday to meet Carli for the first time...

Ryan with Carli (she dressed up for him!)
Michael holding Carli
(He was so busy admiring her, he forgot to smile for the camera!)
Thinking about holding Carli's hand
Me and my buddy Ryan
Carli's birthday weekend wasn't over once her company left - nope, she had a big day on Sunday too! She went to church for the first time. She did really well - she only let out a scream once when she thought it was time to eat! She even cooperated and went out to eat with the whole gang after church, came home to take a nap and then went to small group. She was a huge hit at small group - we even had a volunteer to change her diaper! It was great!

Ready for Church
Church made her happy...kind of
After her big weekend, it wore a girl out! I laid her here, while I was fixing a bottle for Keith to feed her (we are getting in a routine, where I will fix Keith a bottle to feed her when he gets home and I will go to the gym, then they get some good father/daughter time in!). She was so fussy and just couldn't believe I laid her down - and within two minutes she was sound asleep! It was super cute!

Other big milestones this week included going to Alto with me for the first time by ourselves, refusing to take a nap ALL DAY LONG two days this week - and then sleeping 7 hrs straight that night! Coming to terms with our car seat and actually falling asleep instead of screaming at it. And finally - mastering the art of a two way blow out diaper - yes, both up the front and back - now that is talent!

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Ashley said...

looks like those pasifiers are a hit!!!

Amanda said...

That is a lot of milestones! I'm glad things are moving along. I'm glad you finally made it to church and that everything went relatively smoothly. I am still praying for your transition to motherhood.

Michael W said...

What a great way to celebrate! We had a great time. Ryan told everyone about meeting Baby "Cawee"
Love ya'll!

Rachael said...

She looks so sweet sleeping like that!