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Friday, November 14, 2008

Our week in Pictures

Well, I didn't do well keeping up the blog this week - so now I am resorting to telling you about the week in pictures...

First - Carli helped me cook dinner one night. She doesn't like to be cradled in the "Moby Wrap" or held close to me - but she prefers rather to face out and see what is going on. I have a feeling when she starts moving on her on, she will be into everything. This picture is at 5.5 weeks and she pretty much holds her head up without any help from me. And if I do try to help her out - it makes her mad!

Then last Saturday Aunt Betty and Dionna came to visit! They timed it just right b/c Carli had just woken up from her nap and was ready to eat. She was having trouble nursing that day b/c of drainage in her throat, so I was pumping and feeding her with the bottle. Aunt Betty got to feed and burp her.

Then Cousin Dionna got some good one on one time with Carli. Carli was showing Dionna how big she was and could hold her head up!

What happens when a baby doesn't nap ALL DAY LONG? It means she sleeps for 8 hrs at night and no amount of moving, massaging or tickling will wake her up!

Bath Time! Shea has taken on the job of protecting "her baby" from all intruders, including those phantom ones that only she can see. Whitey Tighty still thinks the pack-n-play belongs to him and occasionally jumps in it to nap or look out the window or check on Carli (who is in her car seat usually). So Chuy decided he must have a job too - and it is bath time. Every time we give Carli a bath, Chuy joins us and lays on the bathroom floor the whole time. When we are done, he leaves...after all his job is over!

Speaking of bath time - Carli LOVES to have her head washed. You talk about a relaxed baby!

Today was the first time she saw herself in the mirror of her floor gym - may have been because I got her close enough to it with her wedge. She talked up a storm to herself all afternoon! It was super cute. She also figured out if she could control that arm of hers, she could hit the thing and make it move!

We got the bumbo chair out this week - she can't really sit in it by herself b/c after about a minute she is tired of holding her head up - but today at lunch she had to show Daddy what a big girl she was. See Shea? She isn't too sure the bumbo chair is okay for Carli to sit in. It got a full sniff over when we took Carli out.

Carli and her daddy getting in some bonding time during his lunch break. See her "little old man" hair? :) She isn't completely bald - actually she has blonde hairs on all the bald looking spots. The darker hair is the hair she had when she was born and everything I read said that will eventually fall out too. Oh - and this outfit was meant for the ruffles to be on her butt...funny b/c they are about an inch about her butt! But the outfit isn't too small - it swallows her! She is just long bodied and short legged! Kind of like her Uncle Andy! :)

Finally decided she could take a nap today - but it took an hour to accomplish. Plus, this is another cute "ruffled butt" picture. :)

Such is our week in pictures. Tomorrow and Sunday we will spend letting me catch up on my work while Carli and Daddy bond! :) Plus, I am going to get my hair cut, maybe. I have an appt tomorrow at 10:30. We'll see how it turns out. But don't worry, my hair has never been shorter than shoulder length and I don't plan on breaking that trend now!

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Beccalynn81 said...

Looks like a fun and busy week! We have that same floor gym and both kids loved it! I can still hear that fish's music in my head! You will love that bumbo later...we got the tray for it and it was a good place to feed Andrew his food when we traveled, I found out.

Family said...

Ok, now we need to see a picture of you with the new haircut! Have a great week!

Aunt SuAnne