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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Greatest Gift

Have you ever looked back to when you were growing up and remember those times when you just wished so badly you were the only child? I can remember wishing I was the only child when my big brother would pick on me, or we'd get in a fight over something silly like who ate the last of the Golden Grahams. But, isn't it ironic to look back on those times and realize that God really was taking care of you? I can remember a lot more the times I enjoyed with my brothers than I can remember the times I wished I was the only child. I can remember playing with micro machines, touch football and early morning chicken pickin duties than I can remember silly fights.

Now that I have Carli Lynn - God seems to show me more and more how much he has blessed me with my siblings. Andy married an amazing woman - Michelle. Michelle and I are so different, but really we have a lot in common. Without her help, words of encouragement and emails - I'm not sure I would have survived my pregnancy! And now, you talk about an awesome Aunt! Carli Lynn is one lucky little girl! Her Aunt Chelle is going to have her so spoiled!

I'm very grateful for both Andy and Michelle. They have both been such an amazing source of encouragement to Keith and I. Andy and Keith couldn't be more different - but both Andy & Anthony made the ultimate sacrifice and took up golf - and now they golf...I know it was such a tough thing to do! ha!

Then there is Uncle Tone. He is an amazing fellow! He loves his nephew and niece so much - he helps us document their first years and does an amazing job! He has such a soft heart - and I love him for that!

Yes, God knew that giving me two brothers was what I needed. Gone are the days when I wished to be the only child - and now are the days when I am amazed with my family and how much they mean to me! So thank you to my brothers for calling me to check on things, for asking about how my week is going and for caring. Thank you to a wonderful sister-in-law and the world's best Aunt for your guidance into motherhood, your love of my little girl and our family! And thank you to my little nephew, Logan, who is just as cute as he can be! One day Carli Lynn will be chasing after you to give you a hug too!!

Truly - my family is one of the Greatest Gifts ever!

Carli Lynn and the cutest little hat ever! Thanks Aunt Chelle!!

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