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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Challenging Week

This week is our "challenging" week - granted it is self imposed, but it is tough. Carli is suppose to be taking 4 naps a day! No kidding - and these last two weeks, we celebrate with one! So after much debate, we are trying to do the Cry It Out method. We are trying to get on some kind of routine so that maybe she will take these naps. The best we can figure - she isn't napping b/c she is over stimulated - but nothing we have found has told us how to "un - over stimulate" her! Any suggestions?

She looks like her dad, but she got her momma's stubbornness. She doesn't want to take naps...they are of no interest to her and she will cry that 45 minutes to an hour if we think she should be napping. It is tough - and she ends up wearing herself out crying and then falls asleep eating. I haven't figured this out yet - but we are open for advice for sure. We are trying to stick this out - better now than later - right?!

Not to disappoint - here are pictures from our Thanksgiving at the Hays' family get together.

Family Picture
The Family Picture (Carli was not happy)
Hanging out with cousin Keegan - he is exactly 3 weeks older than her
Uncle Kevin LOVES me!!
Shew - traveling is tiring - hanging out with Dad on the couch!
If nothing else - pray for our patience! :) And our hearts, b/c they sure do break when she is crying!

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Larissa Smith said...

That's tough, we definitely know what you're talking about though. Shaye was not a fan of sleeping. I think the books/doctors said she should be getting anywhere from 16-20 hours of sleep a day (this is in month two) but she was averaging maybe 13. It was not good.

We were employers of the crying method, why let the child tell you what to do right? Seriously though in the end we found a combination of swaddling, some white noise (for Shaye it was the ocean) and then some tricks to help her fall asleep that did it. If you want more details Larissa could provide them, that time is a little hazy to me. lssmith17@gmail.com

She looks great though and other than sleeping it's good to read all is well with you!

Beccalynn81 said...

Wow! I wish I had advice for you. We had problems with my kids sleeping at the right times, but they both love their naps and so do I! Good luck! I know listening to the crying is tough. Will she sleep in her swing? Anytime I put Lillian in that thing she would sleep the whole time! Sometimes I'd have to wake her up and get her out so she would still sleep at night!

Amanda said...

Where did you learn that she is supposed to nap 4 times a day? I know I don't have a child yet, but I am not a huge fan of the cry it out method. I think the baby will sleep when she is tired and too much sleeping during the day can keep her up at night. Though, like I said, I haven't tried it for myself. Have you tried letting her sleep in a swing or bouncer? She may just really want to be close to you. Anyway, I am really behind on your blog, so you may have answered all of this in a later post, I'd better go check it out...