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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Don't Want to Grow Up...

Carli is back to her normal little self - stubborn. I think that is what she inherited from me. After enjoying having her Daddy home with her on Monday, she was a handful yesterday. She refused to nap, screamed until her little face turned red and pretty much made it impossible for me to do any work what-so-ever. That's okay though - she's a huggable little toot! And in her defense her stomach may have been bothering her b/c I had tried to eat cereal for breakfast hoping that the milk would not affect her and I think it still does.

I have a good video of her and Keith doing "flying baby!" so I will work on uploading it sometime later this week.

Oh - and I think I forgot to mention - Carli weighs 13 lbs! Man has she grown!

This picture is our bedtime hat. I ordered it from this website called www.babysteals.com. It is really neat, but most of the things I don't need or are still too expensive. But this was interesting and was only $10. The thought behind it is that adults sleep better when it is completely dark and babies have that instinct also. So this little hat is suppose to block the light but is made from fabric that is completely breathable in case they pull it down on their mouth or nose. Today for our nap, I tried it on and she quieted down instantly - but she never went to sleep until I pulled it off. I think we will end up using during travels or something like that. It is a cool concept though. Ha - she kind of looks like a bank robber with a stocking hat! :)

And this is what our hair look like when we pull our hat off!

It was naptime and Carli didn't want to nap, she wanted to sit up and look around. So we used her fun caterpillar as a prop and she helped me pick her room up until she finally gave in to naptime!

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Beccalynn81 said...

We are having naptime issues at our house too! Andrew does so well some days and others, he refuses! Just a personality thing, I'm afraid! I hope she sleeps for you again soon! Love the hat!

Rachael said...

She does look a little Thug-ish with that stocking cap on...but the sweet little sleeping eyelashes give her away. She is looking so much older already!