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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Won't you come play?

Carli LOVES to be outside, despite the horrid heat. She doesn't quite understand why Tidy-Tidy (Whitey Tighty) will not come and join her!

So we finally, finally go our backyard fixed. There is a long story with this whole adventure - the short version being that the folks before us inherited a beautifully landscaped backyard - complete with tons of bushes, a massive flower bed and lawn...then they proceeded to add a massive rock bed for their play equipment (why rocks, I'm not sure) and a deck (that overlooked into the neighbors yard) and apparently forgot to take care of their massive flower bed and tons of bushes. Over the last three years, we have taken out the rock pit and had the deck removed. We also took out one of the raised flower beds. We were sad that we had to remove all of the bushes that lined the back fence as well b/c they were dying or had died due to not being taken care of...all of this we took our time doing. But when this summer rolled around I was really wanting to take the next step and have it professionally regraded and sodded so that Carli could play with her dogs and her play things back there and I would not have to worry about her venturing into the street if I got distracted as I am dealing with now that we play in the front yard...

Last week we finally got the backyard finished and ready for two kids and three dogs!

The yard looks massive now, but I am so excited. I can handle mowing and weedeating...massive flower beds and bushes were a bit too much!

Left side of the yard..

Middle (view from living room windows)

Right side of the yard

We have to water like there is no tomorrow for the next three weeks and then we can move Carli's Little Tikes Cube to the backyard and she and the dogs can play to their little hearts content while Ava and I sit on the porch in our hammock and cheer them on!!

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Amanda said...

It looks amazing!