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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Just May Visit the Zoo...

Our schedules have changed a bit, and since Momma will now be working in the afternoons and evenings, the girls and I decided we would make the most of our free mornings. A friend of mine shared the website Hubbard's Cupboards with us and I decided now was a good of time as ever to attempt to do some kind of learning things with the girls. Their Grammy may be a teacher, but their Momma has much to be lacking in that area. But she will definitely try!

So, this week we have two mornings to do our "theme." This week we are doing the zoo and it's animals. We started the morning off with our zoo animals and a walk to look for some animal food for them. Ava was pretty excited!

We found some "jungle" and Carli had to get out and feed the animals. We talked about who made the animals and who made the animals food. Carli was okay with God making the animals, but she really thought Momma should make their food! ha!

After our walk, and a little snack we were suppose to play Zoo Bingo, but it turned into a seek and find game with our little Bingo cards. Carli did a good job naming all the animals and coloring them. She thought they should be stickers though and got rather frustrated when they wouldn't pull off for her to share with Ava.

Our final activity had to wait for Ava to take her nap. Then we got out our paint, and got crafty! :) We made some animal footprints with each of our four zoo animals. Carli did a good job and was anxious to show her work off to Daddy when he came home for lunch.

We even did our little Bible lesson about creation. Carli did pretty good and Ava even sat down long enough for us to sing the Creation song.

Not bad too shabby for a first day of learning with Momma! :)

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1 comment:

SuAnne said...

Thought you might like this blog:

You will be a wonderful first teacher for your girls whether it is a planned learning session or just "a teachable moment".

Hugs for everyone! Aunt SuAnne