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Saturday, October 1, 2011

To My Princess Carli -

Today you turn three, I’m not sure how that really came to be. The time has flown by when I look back on the past year. You have grown so much, yet you still seem like the tiny little chubby cheeked baby I brought home from the hospital. I am sure you will always be my baby in my heart, but today you are a princess.

Three years ago, I made many of these promises to you as I gazed in those precious little eyes. I wouldn’t change a one of them, but I did add a few.

Carli Lynn, I hope that you will always know…

I promise to always sing “This Little Light of Mine” with two lights, so God can see us better.

I promise to always smile when I hear you say “I Love You.”

I promise to always stop and make sure you know I love you too.

I promise to always kiss you goodnight and hug you good morning.

I promise to always wipe away your tears and kiss your boo-boos to make them better.

I promise to always take the time to listen because the emails, phone call and television show aren’t that important.

I promise to always be your Momma first, and your friend second.

I promise to teach you to pray when times are tough and when times are good.

I promise to always give you my best, even if it isn’t good enough.

I promise to never let you forget about your PawPaw and how special he is to us.

I promise I am not a perfect mother, but God is perfect and He will make up for my failings.

I promise to not always ride to your rescue when things go wrong, you need to figure it out yourself.

I promise to let you experience the amazing blessing of having wonderful grandparents, and even let them spoil you a bit now and then.

I promise, you aren’t always right and neither am I.

I promise to always feed you vegetables, even the yucky ones.

I promise to always take you to church and teach you about God.

I promise to always love your Daddy, till death do us part.

I promise to always give you a place of comfort, peace and love – even when it seems like life isn’t fair.

I promise I will treasure every minute, hour and day, because God gave me such an amazing little princess to cherish and love.

I promise to love you forever and always, even when you wake me up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning.

Happy Birthday Carli Lynn!

With all my heart -


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1 comment:

mindy said...

what sweet words to your three year old!!