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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Galvaston Vacation: Day One

The weekend finally came and we reloaded the car and headed out for Galvaston.  The girls were very excited to say the least!  We made a stop in Alto to leave the dogs with Grammy and Pa and we were off again to meet up with Dionna and little Weston for lunch.  Our timing with Uncle Danny was pretty good because he actually got to meet us for lunch too!  The girls had lots of fun playing at Chick-fil-a.  We enjoyed getting to visit with Dionna and hold Weston.  Even Ava insisted on loving the cute little boy!

After lunch, we loaded back up and headed out for Galvaston.  We were very impressed that Carli did not request a bathroom break during the whole trip from our house to Galvaston.  Just a side note, because on our way home from San Antonio last month we had to stop at least five times.  :)  We celebrate the small things.  Ha! 

We got into Galvaston and immediately stopped at Walmart to get some groceries.  Uncle Danny's timeshare is about 25 minutes oustide of Galvaston so we didn't want to back track.  We got out of the car at Walmart and Carli immediately latches on to Uncle Danny.  Smart girl!  She knows where credit goes for getting to see the beach!  :)

We got our groceries and got checked in at the condo.  Made some sloppy joes, got all cleaned up and decided we better go show the girls the beach before we get ready for bed. 

It was priceless!  I wish I had taken the video camera.  Ava loved it.  Carli was more cautious but eventually she was having a ball too!

Uncle Danny showed Ava the ocean first.  The first time the water hit Ava's feet she simply squealed with delight!

Carli's reaction was much more reserved.  Ava was in absolute amazement.  :)

They had so much fun!

They jumped waves.

And then we ran through the waves!

We were probably only out there an hour but it was awesome!  Everyone was all smiles when we got back and we all slept good too!  An awesome first day for a vacation!

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