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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Little Gymnist

We enrolled Ava in gymnastics this summer to see how she would like doing something that was just for her.  She is too young to do martial arts, but since she just turned two we were able to find a gymnastics class just for her!  She is going on Tuesdays while Carli and Logan are in school. 

She did an awesome job on her first day.  About half the little girls screamed the whole time but Ava just looked at them.  It took her about 10 minutes to warm up to being in the gym but then she was not shy at all!

Ava sitting on her "color" tyring to figure out why everyone is crying.

Ava was put in a group where two of the little girls cried the whole time.  It really didn't bother her.  She would do what the teacher asked her to do but then if the teacher wasn't paying attention Ava would wander off and entertain herself. 

Here they are playing ball with each other.

The class is an hour long.  I really felt sorry for the two teachers with all the screaming kids but they did good handling them all.  They did a pretty good job keeping the unhappy ones distracted while keeping the interested ones busy. 

Ava walking the balance beam.

Ava did a really good job doing what the teachers asked her to do.  She would even do what the teachers asked someone else to do which was sweet and didn't pose a problem, unless they were trying to get someone else to turn a flip or walk the balance beam and then it looked like Ava was just skipping.  She had good  intentions.  :)

Finally, here is some video I took of her first day.  I had forgotten my real camera so all the candid shots I got were off my video camera from the "upper" deck.  I was going to edit the video but I changed my mind.  If I attempted to edit it then you would miss all of Ava's fun! 


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