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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Yesterday was our first day back to school at Oak Tree Academy.  Carli was very excited to get to school all morning.  Ava was a little apprehensive but excited too.  I am not sure if Carli's excitement helped or hindered Ava.  :)  It was a little strange packing two lunches and backpacks. 

Here are the girls ready for school.  Note, we do not have bows in our hair.  We learned last year with Carli, only send a bow if you don't expect her to come home with it!  If that was the case with Carli, I couldn't imagine Ava having a bow that would last past getting through the classroom door!

My sweet big girls.

When we got to school, Ava was really not so sure about things.  It was quite fine for us to talk about school and get ready for school but to actually go to school might be a whole other story.  I was secretly hopeful that she would opt to stay with me.  :)

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you are, we took Ava to her classroom first and when she walked it she was quite alright with everything.  She handed me her lunch kit and backpack to put in her cubby and she was off to play with all the new toys!  I am not even sure if I acknowledged her teacher.  Carli pretty much pulled me out of the room so she could go to her classroom...again, this probably was a good thing but it kind of made me sad. 

Carli waltzed right into her classroom.  Gave her teacher a big hug, put up her things and told me to have a good day.  Well, okay then.  So I went out to the car and realized that I had forgotten to leave their tuition check.  Sweet, I needed to go back in and make sure the girls were okay anyway.  They were.  Happy, content and smiling.  *sigh*  I went back to the car and sat for a good five minutes before finally leaving.  It was kind of hard to admit they were both old enough to leave.

I came home to a very quiet house.  It took me a good hour to really get to work.  It was hard to concentrate in the silence.  Eventually I hit my groove and started knocking things off my list.  One couldn't come fast enough.  Keith picked the girls up from school and they both met me in the garage with big hugs and lots of smiles.  Ava did awesome - only had one accident, but went potty twice too.  Her teacher told Keith she was very sweet and laid back.  Carli filled out this little questionnaire with the help of her teacher.  Apparently she loves to do laundry with her Daddy and wants to grow up to be a princess.  She later told me if she could be a princess and a fairy she would be so so happy.  It is obvious she has an awesome imagination...her Daddy doing laundry?  Really?
I may have rocked Ava to sleep for her nap.  I loved every minute of it.  I also may have cuddled with Carli while she fell asleep for her nap.  You can't blame a Momma for wanting to stop time for just a few moments....

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