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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet the Teacher

The girls start back to school today, more on that later.  Last Thursday we went to meet the teacher.  Carli thought that only Ava was going to school this time and she would get to go to gymnastics, like Ava did during the summer.  I could never get her to understand that they were going to get to do both!  We finally just had to wait until it was time to go to each event before it sank in that she was going to get to go to school and do gymnastics!

Attempting to get some pictures before we left....

And every once in a blue moon a miracle occurs and we get more than one cute picture!

This is Ava's first year to go to school.  The girls are going to go on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 1 pm.  Ava is so excited to be a big girl just like her sister!  We went to meet Ava's teacher first.  She is in the youngest class in the school.  There are five girls and three boys in her class.  Her teacher's name is Ms. Robin.  She is full of energy and very excited about her job!  Ava just meandered around the room and checked out all the toys.  Then she came back and sit next to her sister while we finished filling out all the paperwork. 

A cool thing is that Ava is the only one in big girl undies in her class!  :)  Go Ava!  We are going on week three of no diapers and she is doing super good.  We have gone up to four days with no accident.  Ms. Robin was really cool about helping us with the process and agreed that diapers would not be an option for Ava.  Shew!  While we were at the school, Ava had to check out the little potty at least three times.  She did finally go.  I think I was just paranoid about her having an accident the first time we met her teacher!

Ava checking out a new toy.
I think this is actually in Carli's classroom.

Taking it all in!

We are really excited about Carli's teacher.  Her name is Ms. Donna.  She has been with Oak Tree for 15 years!  I think she must have been in the same classroom the whole time b/c it was definitely hers!  She had at least 7 or 8 centers in this little room and each had a very distinctive purpose.  Carli's new classroom has a crab and a fish.  They will get to do science experiments and grow plants and even eat the veggies from their little garden!  Ms. Donna is a very hands on teacher.  She told us if Carli didn't come home dirty than they didn't have enough fun!  Sweet!
Carli is pretty excited to have her little friend from last year, Shiloh, in her class.  She also knows three of the boys in her class as well from last year.  There are five boys and three girls in her room.  

This year at Oak Tree they are getting to have music class.  Carli's summer teacher, Ms. Laura, is the new music teacher and once a week they get to go to music class with Ms. Laura. 

The girls are really excited about school.  More on how their first day went soon! 

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