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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Smith Family Get Together

The first weekend in August we made our annual trip up to Aledo for the Smith Family Get Together.  These pictures are all from cell phones...they still are the easiest thing to capture in the moment memories with! 

On our way up, we met Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan for lunch at Rosa's.  It took the girls no time at all to warm up to Uncle Kevin.  They barely finished lunch before they were playing games and giggling constantly!

After a yummy lunch with good company, we headed out to Aledo for more family time.  It took the kids no time at all to get Uncle Doyle to sing some songs for them.  They listened intently but did not ask Uncle Doyle to teach them the songs.  Instead, they waited for us to get in the car and head home before asking me to sing them the fun songs Uncle Doyle has sang to them...and thus the earlier post.  Thankfully Uncle Doyle rescued me with videos so we could all learn the "Butterfly Song" and the "Dinosaur Song."
After some visiting the song books were brought out and the singing started.  Can I just say this side of our family can flat sing.  It was awesome.  :)  The kids did a great job staying in the main room and listening.

Carli was very excited when the song "Shout Hallelujah" was sung.  She sang right along with a big smile on her face!

Some of the second cousins...the older they get the harder it is to get a picture!
As evening approached we headed out to check into our hotel and go find some dinner.  We found a Jakes not far from the hotel.  Keith and I use to eat at the one in Dallas often when we lived in the metroplex.  It was still yummy!  All the kids insisted on riding with Grammy and Pa in their car every where we went that wkd.  Pa had to escort his girls back to the car to go back to the hotel for a  little swimming.

Grammy got some good pictures of the kids swimming and having a blast but I keep forgetting to get them from her!  Managed to capture a few on our phones before we called it a night and went to bed. 

Sunday morning we headed to church in Aledo. My parents got married in this church. There are still people there that remember my grandparents. I could still pick out the couple that use to sit behind my grandparents and would give us candy after service.  One of the ladies insisted on taking our family picture. It's kind of cool to see recognition register in peoples eyes when the connect who my Mom belongs too. 

It was a great weekend!
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