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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Teacher Christmas Gifts

 Last year our teacher Christmas gifts were a big hit, so we had to do them again this year!  It is always fun to hear what the girls say about school and their teachers.  They crack me up!  Our interviews took a good part of a week to complete.  Random questions in the car, eaves dropping on sister conversations and always asking how their day was at school.  Perhaps next year I will really be on the ball write notes throughout the semester, I can dream right?  At least this year I was not battling the flu while trying to be creative. 

I even called our bank to ask for some uncirculated dollar bills and two days later they call to say they don't have them.  Awesome.  Didn't even offer to try to get me some.  So I went to the local bank here in Whitehouse and wouldn't you know they had a lot out in their safe and helped me out!  The note pads worked much better with new bills.  After printing off the girls quotes and alternating them with a dollar bill, I sandwiched them between two boards and put numerous coats of rubber cement on them. 

Lesson learned...I should have also added a blank sheet of card stock to either side of the notepad...I didn't the first time and thus we had a time crunch on our hands that necessitated the use of a hair dryer...

While our glue dried between coats, I tried a new way of wrapping our pumpkin bread.  I ironed some tissue paper between two coats of wax paper.  It kind of worked.  :)

We included the awesome, cute poem we found last year in with the gift.  One side at the poem, and one side had the pumpkin bread recipe.

See, it kind of looks festively cute!

Here is Ava and her teacher Mrs. Brook.  We found out today that Mrs. Brook is moving up to Michigan in a few weeks.  :(  Kind of sad b/c Ava really enjoyed Mrs. Brook as her teacher.  She gets to move closer to her family though, and honestly, you can't fault her for that!

And now our finished books.  We came up with a better cover this year...I like that we managed to get Carli to write her ABCs on a template so we have her handwriting on our computer to use in Word.  :)

Honestly, she said this...it was great!

Mrs. Brook's gift all wrapped and ready to go!

Carli's cover was the same as Ava's except with her name on it.  This is the picture she drew for the back of her notepad for Mrs. Chrissie (and yes, you will notice we spelled Mrs. Chrissie's name wrong throughout her notepad...fail.)

Here is Carli and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Chrissie.  Carli is blessed to be in her classroom this year!

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