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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Carli & Ava are really getting into holidays now.  Now that Valentine's Day is over they are counting down to Easter.  :)

The girls made their own Valentine outfits.  More on that in a later post.  They look like are two kids from the 80s.  And they look good!  :)

I took the girls to Hobby Lobby with the thought of getting their teacher's a gift card as a gift.  Neither girl would have anything to do with such nonsense!  We finally all agreed on these letters and flowers.  But then we went around and around about the kind of flowers.  I finally gave up when I successfully convinced Carli not to get the spray of flowers meant to go on a headstone at a graveyard and instead settled on two fake roses.  I even offered for her to get her teacher real roses but she informed me real roses die and these would last forever.  Couldn't argue with that!   So, we got an 'L' for Mrs. Lena and a 'C' for Mrs. Chrissie.

Carli informed me she had outgrown pigtails even if they did have hearts in them.  So we had to settle for one big heart...

Ava's hair was finally long enough this year to do pigtails with hearts...woohoo!

Mrs. Lena spoiled Ava something rotten by giving her (and her classmates) a big heart balloon and teddy bear for Valentine's Day.  I took Ava to the donut shop. :/  I think Mrs. Lena won for best gift!  :) 

God bless Mrs. Chrissie b/c I kind of clued her into our headstrong Carli's gift.  Her reaction was priceless.  She oohed and aahed over her flowers and gift.  Carli was so plsd.  She got in the car after school and told me it is so fun to give Mrs. Chrissie gifts b/c she just loves them so very much.  That making Mrs. Chrissie happy makes her happy.  And that made it all worth it.  :)

The girls and I spent our Valentine's night out with Sarah and her kiddos at a softball game in Troup.  Good times.  :)  The girls had a blast playing with Riley and Reagan and I got to have an adult conversation and watch softball.  I can't complain!  Our Valentine's Day ended with Keith finally coming home at midnight after being gone for a whole week in St. Louis.  He was a very welcomed sight!  He sent the girls and I 18 red and pink roses.  They were beautiful.  It was a day full of blessings.  :)

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