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Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Village

 Keith and I have been very blessed.  Both of our parents are very involved in our kids lives.  It is our goal that our kids have and continue to develop very strong relationships with their grandparents.  There's a saying that it takes a village to raise a child.  We like to think that the ppl in our village are pretty amazing folks, especially our parents.

I have been able to work from home and stay with my girls for the last almost six years.  Occasionally my job will require me to travel and between Keith and the two sets of grandparents it works out pretty well.  Over spring break, I needed to go to AZ with my Dad to attend some meetings.  It was kind of a short notice thing.  We thought about Grammy and Keith taking care of the girls but realized that that did not seem so fair since Keith was trying to take mid terms and Grammy was on her Spring Break as well and had plans with her sisters coming to town.  So we called Naggy and Pappy.  They were thrilled to watch the girls, but they couldn't come to Tyler.  Pa came to the rescue and with the help of his earned miles on Southwest we made a very round about journey to get to AZ with a stop in Amarillo to leave the girls with Naggy and Pappy. 

It made for a very long traveling day for Dad and I but the girls excitement and knowing they were going to have a blast with their Naggy and Pappy made it worth it!  We drove up to Love Field on Tuesday morning for an 11 am flight to Amarillo.

 We had no problems on this leg of our journey and enjoyed a nice layover in Amarillo.  We ate some yummy lunch at Rosa's then went to Naggy's house to play legos and catch a cat nap before Dad and I had to head back to the airport.  Carli is my very sentimental child and it was kind of hard to say good bye...

Dad and I had a very long night as we got stuck in Denver for an extra 6 hrs and finally made it to Tucson at 2 in the morning.  Yuck!  But we made it all in one piece.  Our meetings went well and we survived our sleep deprivation.  :)  We headed back to Amarillo on Friday morning.  Thankfully this travel day went off without a hitch.  When we got to Amarillo, Pappy was able to join us for a late lunch and we squeezed in a good visit before he had to go back to work.  

We had a couple hours to rest up before our last leg of our flight home to Dallas.  I have to admit I soaked up all the extra love the girls were dishing out after having not seen them for a few days!

It's so much fun to sit back and watch the girls interact with each of their grandparents.  They had an absolute blast in Amarillo on their spring break and even talked Naggy out of one of her beanie babies to bring home with them.

Naggy took us all to the airport around 5 and we headed home.  And it was Pa's turn to get in some extra attention from the girls.  He was a good sport to take such a long roundabout way to get home so he could help me in traveling with the girls.  

On the plane home, Ava insisted on holding my hand most of the way.  If she wasn't holding my hand she was picking on Pa across the aisle.  If you have never heard Ava giggle, you are missing out.  She has a very infectious little giggle.  When you hear it, you can't keep from smiling.  She had anyone in hearing distance on the plane smiling all the way home.

We made it home safe and sound.  The girls were so happy to see their Daddy and to tell Grammy about their adventures the next day.  And once again, Keith and I were reminded of how awesome a family we have and what an amazing gift it is to see our parents love on our kids.

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