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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

Our family was blessed to be able to spend most of Labor day weekend at the lake with some extended family.  My cousin Dionna, her family and parents, as well as Grammy & Pa, Uncle Tone, Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Logan and Eady were all there.  We had awesome time visiting, playing games, swimming, fishing and eating of coarse! 

Grammy is the most excellent Grammy ever.  Thankfully she LOVES to swim and she is very patient and indulges all her grandkids when they ask to go swimming and no other adult really wants to go with them.  She even got Eady in the spirit of things!

We rigged up an inflatable slide to the dock and the kids had an absolute blast with it!

On Sunday afternoon, we all reconvened at the lakehouse after church and lunch out.  We had a few good games of Wahoo and did right by all the grandkids and started teaching them how to play.  The older three really enjoyed rolling the dice.  Ava's attention span wasn't as long as Carli and Logan's but they all had a great time!  Eady sat with Uncle Keith for a good long while and couldn't quite understand why we wouldn't let her have any marbles!

Grammy & I (& Ava) were partners playing against Andy (& Logan) and Keith (& Eady with Carli's help).  We started our game a good 15 minutes before the second game got started and we played Pawpaw style.  Meaning, if we could knock someone out of the middle, we did!  And thus, our game lasted a good 15 minutes after the other game ended.  Grammy and I prevailed!  :)


Like father, like son...


The second game included Pa, Uncle Tone, Aunt Betty & Dionna...I think Pa and Dionna won this one.  They could not agree on the rules of the game and kept claiming that Grandma may have played "that way" but it was not the right way to play.  She only played "that way" in order to beat Pawpaw.  :)

These two sat outside for a good long while and Ava imparted quite the story to her Daddy.  By the time they parted ways, neither one of them could tell me what they talked about.  :)

Uncle Cleaon had escaped down by the dock to do a little fishing...it was much quieter down there, but then the older kids spotted him and his quiet haven was interrupted.  He was very patient with all the kids and with Dionna and Ron's help every kid had the opportunity to hold the fishing pole...but not catch a fish.  They were a little to loud for that!

Weston with his Pa and his Daddy

Pretty sure Dionna just told Carli what a gizzard was...the bait Carli helped put on the fishing hook.  Her face is priceless!

While all the kids were being entertained with fishing, the rest of the men folk were playing a good game of horseshoes. 

 Ya'll this little boy is so stinkin' cute!  He played hard this weekend and worked hard to keep up with all the big kids.  I was exhausted just watching him!  

We ended Sunday night with a lot of singing, reminiscing and prayer time.  It was awesome!  We went back out for some burgers off the grill before everyone had to pack up and go home.   It was a great weekend!  We are blessed.

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