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Monday, September 29, 2014

When Momma has to Work, Naggy Comes to Play!

I've said it many times that our family is blessed with two amazing sets of Grandparents.  It is absolutely awesome to watch our kids interact, love and learn from their Grandparents.  We are also very blessed that I have a job where I can work from home most of the time.  However, two or three times a year my job requires me to travel or be in week long meetings and it is necessary to find some help to get the girls to and from school, dinner on the table and lots of extra play time to fill.  Grammy and Pa help us out a lot on those occasions when we need a day or two here and there of scheduling help.  But when it's a weeklong event, we give Naggy and Pappy a call and see if they want to come love on our sweet girls and help us out too. 

This past week, I was in meetings in Tyler so I didn't have to travel but I was out til 9 or 10 each night.  Pappy wasn't able to come but Naggy reworked her schedule and came to our rescue.  They all had a great week.  We were a bit concerned that perhaps Carli would not want to go to school b/c she'd rather play with Naggy at home but to our surprise Naggy taking her to school was the trick! 

Ava only goes to school twice a week so she and Naggy had some great one-on-one time.  There was a lot of coloring, Disney watching and very interesting conversations. 

Naggy:  I think your Daddy told you not to sit in your chair like that.
Ava:  Yeah, he did, but Daddy's not here!

Naggy picked Carli up from school each day.  Despite a rough couple of weeks before, Carli was eager to go each day and was excited to see Naggy each afternoon.  Before Naggy got here on Monday, Grammy and Ava had lunch with Carli at school.  Then on Wednesday, Naggy & Ava had lunch with Carli at school.  Both reported that Carli was much more interested in what her friends were doing than really eating with them! 

The best conversation while Naggy was here was over text when she and I were discussing dinner plans for them.

Naggy:  We are coloring.  Having school.  Teacher is a little demanding, but we are getting by.
Me:  You okay to make nuggets and macaroni tonight?  There are green beans in pantry too.
Naggy:  Sure.  If the teacher says it is ok.
Me:  She will for nuggets & macaroni!
Naggy:  Just got in trouble for playing on my phone!!  Got "yellow".  Thanks a lot!

Got to love our Naggy!  :)  We were all very grateful for her to come for the week and are looking forward to seeing her and Pappy this weekend to celebrate Carli's birthday!

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