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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Belated Hays' Christmas

Originally we had planned to meet up with Naggy, Pappy, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan in Granbury on New Years weekend to celebrate Christmas.  But then they all got iced/snowed in at Amarillo and Midland and we had to postpone our plans.  Naggy & Pappy found a cool vacation rental house in Granbury and the guy was very nice to let us roll over our reservation to the weekend of Jan 17th.  By that time the weather was so much nicer and the girls were so anxious to see everyone!

We left Friday after school and got to Granbury around six.  The house was awesome.  Everyone had their own room and it was on a great piece of land with a pond.  There was plenty of room to run and play.  The girls spent a lot of time outside!  We managed to eat dinner before Naggy, I mean the girls, couldn't wait any longer to do gifts.

Carli is so easy to get a good picture of...

The girls gave Uncle Kevin, Aunt Megan, Naggy & Pappy new picture calendars and coffee mugs they had decorated.  They were pretty proud to show them off!


Santa had made a stop in Amarillo and left some gifts for the girls there.  Carli and Ava were quite excited to get rabbit cages and a microphone stand!

Ava specifically asked Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan for some pads to wear with her new roller skates.  She was ecstatic when she opened them up!  She also got some brand new light up shoes.  Between the pads and the shoes, everything else was forgotten!

Carli got some new pink cowgirl boots much to her Daddy's relief as well as a new sweatshirt and Elsa braid hat which she wore all wkd.

Since we did gifts Friday night, we got to spend Saturday and Sunday just hanging out and enjoying the company.  The girls really liked going down to the pond and poking at the water between resting on the hammock.

Sunday morning before church we managed to take a few pics in our Sunday best.


And here is Carli in her new dress with a belt that she was very proud of!  :)
I pretty much spent the weekend doing nothing.   I was trying to wean myself off of taking the anti-nausea meds and it left me with not a lot of energy.  The girls and I went on a few excursions outside and Sunday afternoon I enjoyed a nice long nap!
The rest of the family worked faithfully on a 1000 piece puzzle where half of it was the sky and all one color.  They were proud to have finished it before Kevin and Megan had to leave Sunday afternoon!

We headed home Sunday with a truck full of new goodies and lots of new memories.  We all had a great time!  

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