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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Strep - Twice Over

Last Sunday, Ava woke up complaining about her head hurting.  With a little Tylenol for the headache, all was well and off we went to church.  But by the time service was over it was evident that Ava did not feel well so we came back home.  By one she was running a fever.  Carli's class at school had been passing around Strep.  Since Ava has had Strep so much, we figured she was exposed via Carli even though Carli never was sick.

We couldn't get an appointment with the doctor until 2 that afternoon.  So that meant Carli got to get out of school early since there was no way I could get from Tyler back to Troup by 3:15, especially if the doc was running behind schedule.  We picked up Carli and off we went to the doc for her to confirm Ava had a strong case of Strep.  Since she had a reaction to amoxicillin on one of her last rounds with Strep she got to skip to some nasty meds but it was only five days once a day.  By Tuesday, she couldn't got to school since she wasn't 24 hrs fever free or on meds that long so we stayed home.  She obviously acted sick the entire day...

True to past experiences, Carli started complaining of a headache on Friday night.  She woke us up on Saturday morning with fever and a headache.  By the time eight rolled around, her fever was back up and her stomach was not doing so well.  We got in to see a pediatrician instead of going to urgent care.   I was hopeful that just calling in and requesting meds would work since it was obvious she had Strep too but alas they wanted my $100 to run the test and confirm.  So we spent Saturday morning at the doc with a 102 fever and throwing up.  Turns out a prego momma does not handle vomit as well as she could when she was not prego!

Carli ended up on amoxicillin which doesn't taste too bad but we have to give it to her twice a day for 10 days.  Try explaining that unfairness to a sick six year old!

After only one dose of antibiotic and some toast on her stomach Carli started to perk up.  By Sunday morning she was ready to go to church.  She was not very happy to learn that she could not go to church until that evening since we were still abiding by the 24 hr rule.  Thankfully the meds seems to be working and she went off to school on Monday morning with a smile on her face.
Here's to hoping that's the end of the "sickness" in our house for awhile...or until next wkd given our track record!

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