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Friday, February 20, 2015

Thank You Notes

One of the things my Momma insisted on growing up was that we HAD to write thank you notes at Christmas to everyone that gave us a gift.  I can tell you as a kid, that really was not much fun.  But it really did serve a purpose.  And I was thankful for the lesson that she taught when I got older and it was second nature to make sure a thank you note was sent after graduation gifts and wedding gifts. 

The way we see it is someone just spent their time and money on you and they did not have to - so what better way to show your appreciation for their kindness of the simple act of giving them a note to thank them.  I know when I get a thank you note from someone it puts a smile on my face and thus when I send someone a thank you note I can just imagine the smile on their face knowing that they are appreciated.

It took the girls about a month to write about 15 thank you notes each after Christmas.  We'd do about 3-4 a week.  I made a template so all they had to write was the persons name, what they gave them and sign their name.  On the other side of the template we made a page the girls could color or decorate with their own taste.  They put a lot of effort into their notes and maybe a little whining.  But they are only 6 and 4, they wouldn't be normal if they didn't whine!

We talked a lot about what it means to be grateful and why it is important to make sure others know you appreciate them.  I am appreciative to the teachers at the girls schools for inadvertently helping me "preach" this lesson.  We gave out a lot of pumpkin bread to the teachers over Christmas break and when they would send back a thank you note, the  girls literally beamed with pride.  It was awesome. 

Carli got down to her last thank you note and realized that Ava had colored one too many and she absolutely refused to use a thank you note that SHE did not color herself.  So I gave her the choice of using the extra note and maybe adding to Ava's coloring OR she could write the whole note herself on the last thank you note we had leftover from her birthday.  She opted to write it herself.  I thought she did an amazing job.  Notice the extra curly q's on the letters.  :)


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