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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chicken Farmers

Pa had to go out of town on Saturday, so we went down to Alto to help watch the chickens after our Little Dribblers game.  The girls have helped "chunk" baby chickens but never have ventured out into the chicken houses when the chickens were older.  All that changed on Saturday when they were determined to help me pick up the dead chickens and be "real, live" chicken farmers. 

They were pretty stoked, and then I opened the chicken house door.  I thought for sure they'd waffle and not venture far past the door.  But between the two of them they worked up the courage to follow me into the house.  They insisted they would not pick up a dead chicken but they wanted to see me throw one.  Unfortunately for them, but they time we reached half house (where there was a chance to escape) we had not found a chicken.  They persevered and kept following behind me.  We went all the way to the end of the house and back up to half house and they opted out at that point. 

My favorite quote of the experience, "Ya'll need to stop all this fighting and hold on to your feathers!" - Carli when the chickens spooked and scattered everywhere.

I got two houses done before Pa got home and we finished up together.  He was impressed the girls attempted to help.  Ava told him she just had to stop b/c it was stinky!  Carli told him she simply couldn't stop sneezing (this was a true statement!).

Growing up, it was always fun to find the odd chicken and to be able to spot him in a house of 20,000 chickens each day.  I had to take a picture of the black chicken I stumbled upon to show the girls.

It was a fun experience.  The girls came down and met Pa and I after we were finishing up.  They were in good spirits and I bet we could get them to help again when the chickens aren't so big and the houses so crowded!

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