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Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Hitting Lessons

The girls have finished with swimming lessons after over two years.  It was a great experience and I am so glad we pursued it.  However, they had reached the point where they were dreading going and the drive made for a long trip for only a 30 minute lesson.  So we put in notice and finished our last swim lesson at the end of January.

When we gave the girls the option to finish swimming we asked htem if they would want to try some hitting lessons in order to get ready for softball season.  They jumped at the chance and on Tuesday they had their first lesson.  They absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go back this week! 

Some friends at church recommended Ricky Clark in Bullard for lessons.  He hit it off with both girls really quickly and was able to work with our schedule to make timing work as well. 

I've been asked why I am paying for someone else to teach my girls how to hit when I played ball for 14 years.  So, let me tell you...I have very stubborn children.  :)  I think they get that from their father!  Ha!  There are lots of battles I fight every day with my kids on teaching them things and when it comes to softball I am learning it is best for someone else to teach the girls a skill and let me reiterate it at home rather than attempting to teach it first at home.  Right now anyway.  Carli and I clash in personality and I want her to love the game.  I know that me insisting on her doing something one way will make her try harder to do it "her" way.  That doesn't work in softball.  She is still young.  And she needs to learn to take direction for others too.  So we are choosing to take the opportunity and timing to give them hitting lessons from Coach Ricky and then we can reiterate what he is teaching them at home.  I'm not sure that makes sense, but there ya have it.

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