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Friday, May 13, 2016

Ava's Birthday at School

Ava got to celebrate her birthday at school today.  We kind of had a unique day in that I got to go watch her class for 1.5 hrs today so that her teacher could attend the Teacher Appreciation luncheon put on by our PTO.  I'm not much for buying new clothes, but for the girls birthday I have been trying to buy them something new to wear to school.  Usually something I don't normally spend money on.  So Ava got some new Yoga Capri's and "Super Soft T-shirt."  She was quite pleased!  :)

Grammy came to the house to watch and play with Drew so that I could go up to the school about 11.  It was lunch time and then recess.  I have lots of new little friends now and it was fun to get to watch Carli and Ava interact with their friends.  Check that, it was fun to watch Ava play with her friends.  Carli saw me and immediately came and sat down with me to point out every single kid and tell me all about who they were.  When it was time for me to take the kindergarteners in, Carli was none to happy about not getting to go with me!  I pacified her with the promise to get her out of class early to come help with Ava's birthday snack time.

After I was rescued, I mean relieved of my short lived teaching duties I scooted back home to feed Drew and relieve Grammy.  Drew and Grammy had been garage selling all morning at our neighbors houses so he was snoozing pretty good after his super full social morning!  I actually had to wake him so I could feed him and us get back to the school in time for Ava's Birthday Snacks.  We were late and missed the class singing to her but we got there in time to help pass out her birthday bundt cakes, ice cream and juice.  And I kept my promise and got Carli out of class to come help!

After snack time, the girls, Drew and Will Cody left school a little early and went by Sonic before coming home.  Will Cody lives just up the road from us and we picked him up since his Momma was busy doing her garage sale.  He's a pretty cool kid.  :)  Then it was home to get ready for Ava's tball game in Alto.  We had to pack up the little dogs to drop off at Grammy and Pa's for the wkd. 

Ava played a good game.  She plays pitcher and does a very good job of fielding and throwing the ball to first.  The third and second baseman often times will cheat over in an attempt to get the ball first.  So this game Ava rarely got her hand on the ball b/c the other two basically took it from her.  She's got a good coach though and he is working on getting them all to work together instead of fighting over the ball!  :)  We ended up losing but Ava had fun and even slide into home!  :)

Ava was pretty excited that Becky came to her game today and brought her a birthday card with monies!!  :)

Time to get some rest for our very busy, fun planned birthday weekend at Jellystone Park!

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