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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ava's Birthday Weekend

Ava chose to have a family birthday over a party this year (and her Momma danced with joy!).  We decided to meet Naggy and Pappy at Jellystone Park in Burleson.  Ava really wanted to go to a water park and there was one right beside the park where we were staying.  We got up Saturday morning, got packed and headed out.  We stopped in Jacksonville at Ava's favorite donut store.  She told them it was her birthday and the brought her fresh donut holes with blue icing - her favorite!  :)

This was the first trip that we have taken that we did not have to make one pit stop!  We made it to the park in 2.5 hrs.  After meeting up with Naggy and Pappy, we headed for lunch at one of our favorite places - Rosa's!


Then it was back to the park to do some exploring until we could check in at 3 pm.  They had lots of neat things going on.  The girls enjoyed doing the "Lost Maze" and the giant "Air Park" full of inflatables. 


We rented a little cabin - basically a tiny house.  It was cute and sufficed but I think if we were to go again we would get two cabins.  7 ppl in less then 600 square feet is a bit too much!  :)  Naggy and Pappy were great sports and slept with the girls up in the loft.  The cabin was so small there was no room for Drew's pack n play so we pulled the twin mattress off the bottom bunk and wedged it between the wall and the bed for him to sleep on...and there went all the floor space!  :)  But it worked and we did just fine!

 After we got checked in and despite the cool 75 degree temp, we headed to the waterpark as that is what the birthday girl insisted she wanted to do!  The girls had a great time but wow it was cold!  Drew pretty much slept in his stroller the entire time. 

After 1.5 hrs, when both girls were sufficiently frozen (ha!), we convinced them that it was time to go.  After some warm showers, Keith and I got to cooking Ava's birthday dinner of sliders and French fries while everyone else when on a walk.  After dinner, we enjoyed ice cream and cupcakes for Ava's birthday cake. 

Then it was time for presents!  Carli and Drew gave Ava a whole bunch of water balloons and a new Ty Beanie Baby kitten.  Naggy and Pappy hooked her up with a new bat.  And we couldn't go to bed without trying out the new bat!  :)

After a good nights rest, we got up and went to early service in Burleson.  Then enjoyed Babe's for lunch.  It was YUMMY!  Ava really likes their corn and Carli actually ate a chicken tender.

Then back it was to the park for some more fun.  Drew and I took afternoon naps while everyone else went back to the waterpark for a bit.  Later that night we enjoyed some smore's and rented a golf cart to drive around on for a while.  It doesn't take much to make us happy!  :)

Ava insisted on sleeping on the top bunk in our room Sunday night - turns out we should have known something was up.  She woke up at 3 am wimpering that her ear hurt.  Sure enough, by the time we were packed and headed home she was in tears.  We got her into the doctor and she had a raging ear infection.  Bless her.  Happy Birthday Ava!  So, she got to spend Tuesday at home with Drew and I.  She was much better after getting some meds but her ear was still hurting a bit.  We enjoyed our extended Ava time none- the- less. 

It turned out the dogs had a pretty excited weekend at Grammy and Pa's too - they wore out WT!

I love birthday family celebrations!  Lots of memories and fun!  :)  Happy Birthday Ava-Boo...ear infection and all!  :)


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